Thursday, February 6, 2014

Teaching With Infographics

If you are new to this blog, you might not have taken a look at all the tabs located at the top of the page. Under "Infographics" you will find resources from creation to examples by subject area. This past week I taught a few classes on infographics and decided to update the page by adding a section called "Teaching With Infographics". It is important for your students to make sure that they evaluate any infographics they are using, by making sure the author/creator has cited their references. Misinformation on the web exists. Have students read these tips to make a better infographic. Below is the new list which was added. NOTE: I found Piktochart to be an easy way for our students to make their own infographics, which is why there are many videos listed. You can find everything about infographics HERE.


How to Turn Infographics into Effective Teaching Tools- from's blog

Infographics as a Creative Assessment- huge listing includes books, web resources and videos from Kathy Schrock

Infographics Lesson

Seven Essentials of Good Infographic Design- great tips from Free Technology For Teachers

Teaching Visual Literacy- for middle school

Teaching With Infographics: A Student Project Model- from New York Times Learning Network

Teaching With Infographics: Places to Start- New York Times Learning Network; includes TED video of David McCandless

Ways to Teach Using Infographics-from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


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