10 Learning Communities For ESL Students
10 Resources For ESL and Foreign Language Students- from Richard Byrne's blog
10 Ways to Support English Language Learning with The New York Times
22 Frames- close-captioned movies to aid students in learning English

Crossword Puzzles For ESL Students- all levels of difficulty; long list
Dave's ESL Cafe

English Central- learn English while watching videos; search by category or difficulty
English Raven's eLearning Resources Online 
English Zone- the BEST English-Learner's site on the Net!
ESL Gold- English study and learning materials
ESL Partyland- teaching ideas
ESLvideo- ESL video quizzes created by ESL teachers
Help for Students Learning English- tests, reference, forums
Inogolo- English pronunciation guide to names of people, places and stuff
Internet TESL Journal- monthly Web journal contains articles, research papers, lesson plans & handouts for teachers of ESL.
Learning Chocolate- by using pictures, sounds and games, students are able to learn vocabulary words. interesting things for ESL students
Pictolang- supports 13 languages; includes Visual Word Trainer, Picture Match Game, Word Match Game and Analyst Game (the hardest)
Survival Tips For Teaching Kids English: 30 Tips and Resources- from Shelly Terrell's blog
Teacher Trove- wiki resource for ESL teachers
Verbs Online-English verb conjugation trainer; covers present, past, future, present perfect, past perfect and future perfect.

75 ESL Teaching Ideas
Boggle's World ESL Worksheets
English Grammar Lessons
English Language Space Station- free worksheets and ideas
ESOL Courses- free English lessons online
ESL Lesson Plans and Resources
ESL Printables- covers vocabulary and grammar; long listing
Everyday Life Tutorials- interactive site
Free English Lessons Online
iSLCollective- free worksheets made by teachers for teachers
Lesson Plans and Teaching Ideas- long list of links
Mingoville- English lessons for kids
New English Lessons- free handouts, worksheets, podcasts for current events
Nik's Daily English Activities
One Stop English- for English language teachers
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Center- general listening quizzes for three levels: easy, medium, difficult
Spelling Activity- Spot the Mistakes (funny signs)

Adventure Island
- interactive from National Geographic

Find Directions and Distances- step-by-step interactive instructions
Geography World by KBears- print maps, learn about map legends, take an online quiz
How Maps Work- BBC interactive lesson which is easy to understand
See You See Me Landscapes- the character "Goggs" teachers you about the landscape of Scotland
Read a Map Key- explains "how to"; interactive
Read a Map Key- travel around streets using the map key; interactive

Read a Map Scale- how to read a map scale; interactive
Read a Population Map- easy to understand interactive
Read a Road Map- interactive
Read a Road Map- another interactive
Reading a Street Map- interactive
U.S. Map Jigsaw Games- drag and drop the states in the correct position (5 levels of play)
Use a Globe- fly an airplane around the world; interactive

Using a Map Grid- interactive lesson from
The World- travel around the globe; interactive

2Lingual Google Search- students enter a search ters, pick 2 languages and receive results in both languages
Askives?- students ask questions and receive answers
Boolify- teaches basic search strategies to students
Carrot2 Clustering Engine- results are organized into topics
Oolone- a visual search engine; results appear as thumnails of websites
Quintura- a visual search engine


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