Friday, January 31, 2014

Understanding Generation Y

Personally, I am having a hard time understanding many of the things this generation does, especially when it comes to communication. I enjoy speaking face-to-face with someone, not hiding behind text messages and emails. I am well aware that there is always a time and place for emails and texts, just as long as it is not done in excess. Generation Y kids seem to be so attached to their phones; just try and take it away from them. They want you to believe that they can multi-task efficiently while texting on their phone. I don't think so. In my search to better understand my students, I located this list online of Gen Y characteristics:
Personally, I think all generations of kids are influenced by peers, so number 4 is a moot point. I'm sure Gen Y kids are easily bored because they grew up in a digital world filled with instant gratification, from fast food to Internet searches. (When I think about searching through the card catalog drawer, while someone waited for me to finish so they could use it...)   One characteristic of today's Gen Y that I admire is the fact that they are more accepting of their gay peers. (See number 7)  When I was growing up, most gay people were still afraid to "come out of the closet" .   Times sure have changed; number 7 is definitely for the better.
So as I continued my search to understand my students, I came across many interesting articles. Crystal  Kadakia's article, "Escape the Digital Coma: Who Are You When You Close the Laptop?"  talks about today's millennials (AKA The Me Generation) and has some great advice for them. Here are some quotes: "We fill the silence with virtual chatter."  "The ability to switch on and off is becoming the new silver bullet, the strength of the future."   Read the full article here.  Here is her video from TED X Talks:

So, if you are interested in some resources about our Gen Y kids, try these below:

4 Warning Signs You Don't Understand Generation Y

Are Millennials Really the Me Generation?- from USA Today

Gen X is From Mars, Gen Y is From Venus: A Primer on How to Motivate a Millennial- Forbes article 


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