PE and Health

The New PE Curriculum: An Innovative Approach to Teaching Physical Fitness- from Edutopia 

PE Goes High-Tech- from Mindshift

The Tech Savvy PE Teacher- blog by Shayna Fastovsky


About BMI- from the Centers for Disease Control

Animation: Body Mass Index

BMI Age Growth Chart for Boys

BMI Age Growth Chart for Girls

BMI Calculator- Fitness Magazine's online calculator

BMI Explained- from Men's Health

Body Mass Index for Age Percentiles- chart

20 Everyday Activities and the Calories They Burn- Discovery Health

Activity Based Calorie Burn Calculator

Calories Burned- My Calorie Counter

Calories Burned in 30 Minutes of Leisure and Routine Activities

Top 10 Calorie-Burning Activities and Exercises

Winter Activities and How Many Calories You Burn

 (Body and Mind)- info from the CDC on diseases, physical activity, food and nutrition, your life, your  body

Eating Out: From Bad to Worse- infographic

Heath Education Curriculum Grades K-5- includes handouts and lessons

Health Teacher- health lessons

How Healthy is Your City?- 40 web apps and infographics

Human Reproductive System

National Institute on Drug Abuse

The Scrub Club- teaches kids how to wash their hands

Secrets of Sleep Quiz

Solusville- fun food games for younger children

Sugar Stacks- shows how many sugar cubes are in various foods and drinks

Your Guide to the Female Reproductive System

Activities for Middle or High School Students About the Cardiovascular System or the Heart Education

BrainPOP Educators- lessons for younger kids

Does Exercise Affect Heart-Rate?- elementary lesson

Exercise Science Inspires Kids- about middle school in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Teachers Learn How Exercise Helps Kids to Do Better in School

Using Heart-Rate Monitors to Achieve Lesson Design and Training Goals

Anti-Inflammatory Pyramid

The Complete Guide to Workout Nutrition

The Eat Well Plate

A Healthy Eating Plate- graphic from the Harvard School of Public Health

The Kid's Activity Pyramid

Mediterranean Pyramid

Raw Foods Diet

Sports Nutrition Pyramid

The Vegan Food Pyramid

The Vegetarian Pyramid

Adolescence Food and Nutrition

Awesome Library Lesson Plans

Education World Physical Fitness- activities and lesson plans

EMTECH Lesson Plans
- nice listing

Fast Food Nutrition Plans

Fast Food Quiz

Female Reproductive System Lesson Plans

Health Teacher- health lessons

High School Nutrition Lessons- lessons, activities and presentations

Lesson Plan Search- covers grades PreK-12

Lesson Plans and Presentations- from Drexel University; covers meals, snacks, activity and much more

Male Reproductive System Lesson Plans- from the Lesson Corner

Nutrition and Fitness Lesson Plans- from Learn to Be Healthy

Nutrition Lesson Plans- TeAchnology

PBS Teachers Health and Fitness- lessons, quizzes cover grades K-12

TeAchnology Health Lesson Plans

TeAchnology Physical Education Lesson Plans

Teen Health- 10 activities

MEALS AND SNACKS (Includes recovery meals)
50 Awesome Pre and Post Workout Snacks

Best Breakfasts for Before and After Your Workout- from Fitness Magazine

Food as Fuel: Before, During and After Workouts- from the American Heart Association

How to Choose a Pre Workout Meal- from Wikihow

Pre-Workout Snacks- from WebMD

What to Eat Before and After a Workout- from Food Matters

What to Eat Before Running

20 Movement Activities and Games for Elementary Classrooms

Computers and Phys Ed Do Mix- article from Education World

Daily Physical Education Activities and Games

FitnessGram-Activity and fitness assessment, reporting, tracking

Game Ideas- from CanTeach; K-5

iPad Apps for Physical Education- from phys ed teacher in the UK

Lower School Physical Education

PE Central"the premier site for health and physical education"

Physical Education Game Ideas- broken down by grade level

Real Indoor- use Google Street view while you pedal on a stationary bike; virtually pedal wherever you want in the United States

Susan's PE Site- activities, lessons, PE sites

Technology Integration Resources- Nova Scotia schools; for middle school

Technology Integration Strategies- by Chip Flemmer

Why Motor Skills Matter

Hawaii AIDS Education and Training Center- lessons in PDF format, from puberty to menstruation

HIV and AIDS Lessons and Activity Plans-

Lesson Plans for Grades 4,5,6- PDF and PowerPoint downloads from the Seattle and King County Public Health

Lesson Plans for Grades 7,8- PDF and PowerPoint downloads from the Seattle and King County Public Health

Lesson Plans for Grades 9-12- PDF and PowerPoint downloads from the Seattle and King County Public Health

Lesson Plans for Special Education- PDF and PowerPoint downloads from the Seattle and King County Public Health

Sex Education Articles, Worksheets and Lessons- from TeacherVision

Sex Education Teacher Resources- over 200 lessons

SexEd Library-over 100 lessons covering many topics

Sexual Pressures- lesson plan from Discovery Education

Sexuality and Responsibility- 10 lesson plans for each grade 6, 7, 8

Teaching Sexual Health- Canadian site has lessons in both English and French; covers grades 4-12


Adolescents and Abortion

The Lesson Corner- list of lessons on abortion

The Lesson Planet- lesson plans and worksheets

Revisiting Roe v. Wade- NY Times lesson plan


AIDS: Who's at Risk?- from Discovery Education; grades 9-12

The Body: The Complete HIV/AIDS Resource

HIV and AIDS Lessons and Activities

HIV/AIDS- several lesson plans on HIV/AIDS (and related areas) from the NY Times

HIV/AIDS Awareness Printables, Lessons and Resources- from TeacherVision

HIV/AIDS/STIs- lesson plans for ages 12-18

Reproductive Anatomy- lesson plan from Planned Parenthood includes worksheets, activities and games

STIs and HIV- lesson plan for grade 9 from Needham, MA Public Schools

Conception Lesson Plans and Worksheets- from Lesson Planet

From Conception to Birth: Teacher's Guide- from Discovery Education; subscription necessary to view the videos; grades 9-12

Reproductive Anatomy, Conception, Pregnancy and Birth- grade 9 lesson from Needham, MA Public Schools

Contraception Lesson Plan- from Canadian site TeachingHealth; very complete, including handouts

Reasons and Methods for Preventing Pregnancy- grade 9 lesson from Needham, MA Public Schools; contains glossary and printable worksheet

Studying Contraception- lesson 1; for grade 8; from Canadian site TeachingHealth

Studying Contraception- lesson 2; for grade 8; from Canadian site TeachingHealth

Human Sexuality
The Circles of Human Sexuality- teacher's resource included (PDF)

Human Sexuality Lesson Plans - from Lesson Planet; also has worksheets and presentations

PBS Teachers- lessons on abstinencesmart choices about sex, and STDs

Sexual Pressures- grades 6-8 lesson from Discovery Education

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)
Anti-Homophobic Bullying Lessons- from

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Network- assorted lessons

The Gay-Straight Alliance Network- LGBT-Inclusive Lessons

Not in Our Town- lessons about sexual identity and gender

Safe Schools Coalition- lessons for K-12

Teaching and Learning About Gay History and Issues- from NY Times; long list of lessons and resources here

Teaching Tolerance- Southern Poverty Law Center's site; lessons for grades 3-12

Reproductive Systems
Female Reproductive System- from InnerBody; interactive diagrams

Kids' Health- all about the female reproductive system

The Lesson Corner- all grades covered on this very long list

The Male Reproductive System- from HotChalk; grades 6-8

Reproductive Anatomy- lesson plan from Planned Parenthood includes worksheets, activities and games

Reproductive System from the Body Human Series- if you are a Discovery Education subscriber, this lesson goes with the video; includes worksheets, quiz, vocabulary sheet

Teen Pregnancy
Do I or Don't I?- a lesson in making healthy sexual choices; has various scenarios and a pre-test

Pregnancy Prevention- NY Times lesson for grades 9-12

Sex and Teen Pregnancy- lesson plan list from the NY Times

Teen Pregnancy Lesson Plans- from the Lesson Corner

Teen Pregnancy Lesson- from Discovery Education; grades 6-8

7 Best Diet Apps for iPhone and Android

The 11 Best Healthy Lifestyle iPhone and Android Apps of 2013

30 iPhone Apps to Help You Exercise

The 64 Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2013

The Best Health and Workout Apps for Teens

Best iPhone Fitness Apps

Good Health and Fitness Apps for Your Smartphone

Caloric Deficit Explained

Metabolism Lesson Plans- grades 9-12

TDEE Calculator

The Tool for Weight Loss That Trumps Everything Else


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