K-12 Energy Lesson Plans and Activities- U.S. government site

About Hydropower

Adventures in Energy-a look at oil and gas (interactive)

Alternative Energy- solutions for the 21st century

Alternative Energy News- news and resources

Department of Energy- covers all types of alternative energies, including hydrogen, solar, wind

Energy From the Sun Teacher and Student Guides- seven lessons for grades K-4

Energy Fueling the Future- this site is from the UK; take one of their quizzes and see how much you know about energy

Energy Kids- wind, solar energy

The Energy Story- read the twenty chapter story online

Geothermal Energy- from the Geothermal Education Office

Harness the Power of Wind- from National Geographic

National Science Digital Library Ocean Wave Energy Company

New York Times Article on Solar Energy

Solar Electric Power Association- harness the power of the sun!

Solar Energy Lesson Plans- listed by grade level

Solar Energy Videos- from NeoK12

Solar Lesson Plans- divided by grade level

Solar Energy Basics- from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Treehugger- archived news articles about alternative energy

Wind Energy Basics- from the U.S. government

Wave Power

Wind Energy Curricula and Teaching Materials- from the U.S. Department of Energy; nice listing of links

Wind Energy Curriculum for K-12


All Systems Go!- interactive game

Anatomy Arcade- loads of games, covering all eight systems of the body.

Anatomy Flash Cards- This is a HUGE list!

Anatomy of the Human Body- "The edition of Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body features 1,247 vibrant engravings—many in color—from the classic 1918 publication, as well as a subject index with 13,000 entries ranging from the Antrum of Highmore to the Zonule of Zinn." flash animations on immunobiology

BioDigital Human-make sure your browser is up-to-date for this site


Build a Body- drag and drop parts of the human body results from several online sources

Get Body Smart- interactive site with tutorials

Gray's Anatomy- over 12,000 entries cover everything about the human anatomy

Healthline Body Maps-3D male and female models

Heart Anatomy- interior view; many self-tests on this page.

Human Blood-introduction to its components and types; also find flash cards and crossword puzzles on the topic.

Human Body Resources for Teachers- nice listing from TeacherVision

Image Search from Google- over 9 million results!

Inner Body- choose from the 8 systems to navigate (many ads on this site)

Master Muscle List- listed in alphabetical order or by region.

Medical Animation Library- from Penn Medicine; (UPenn) over 200 video tutorials

MEDtropolis- "home of the virtual body"

Membrane Transport- animated explanation

Skull Anatomy Tutorial- includes all views and a slide show.

Think Anatomy- huge collection of all-things anatomy, including dissection videos, terminology, mnemonics, podcasts, study guides and lots more; smartphone app is available!

The Whole Brain Atlas

Zygote Body- 3D virtual male or female body

Anatomy: Muscular System- covers grades 7-12; links to lesson plans

Anatomy of the Brain- several lesson plans

Anatomy and Physiology Lesson Plans- includes class outlines, quizzes, handouts, images

Awesome Library's Lesson Plans

Body Tissue Lab- lesson plan complete with handouts

Human Body Lesson Plans- each system listed

Physiology and Body Systems Lesson Plans- PowerPoint and Word file downloads

Teaching the Parts of the Brain- grades 3-5

TeAchnology's Anatomy Lesson Plans- covers many grade levels

Biological Animations- from St. Olaf College

Biology Animation Library- from DNA Learning Center; about 15 listed

Biology Animations- currently 50 listed

The Biology Corner- worksheets, quizzes

Biology for Life- Skyline High School's excellent site

The Biology Project- from the University of Arizona; site is constantly updating

Biology Simulations- from the University of Colorado at Boulder; list of 23 simulations

Biology Questions- over 1,800!

Bozeman Biology- YouTube channel of videos

Cell Biology Websites

Cells Alive!

DNA From the Beginning- 75 animated experiments

Explore Biology- AP Biology assignments, lecture notes, presentations and more from Ms. Foglia

Hippocampus Biology- free help with biology homework; simulations, presentations from Khan Academy and NROCC

Interactive Biology- videos, quizzes (high school, college)

Meiosis Tutorial- from University of Arizona

National Association of Biology Teachers- general biology resource links

Principles of Biology- NING developed by Benton High School and MWSU

Rader's Biology 4 Kids

Teachervision Biology Resources

Thingdom- interactive game "Thingdom challenges students to select and breed 'Things' to bring out particular characteristics through inheritance."

Awesome Library- nice listing here of lesson plans

Biology 4 Teachers- lesson plans, PowerPoints and activities

The Biology Corner Lesson Plans- includes worksheets by topic, covers AP Bio as well

Biology Lesson Plans- from the Science Spot; includes Internet-based lessons

Free Biology Lesson Plans- for younger grades K-5

Free High School Biology Worksheets- PDF file downloads

Genetic Lesson Plan Ideas

High School Biology/Life Science Lessons- from Better Lesson

Share My Lesson- covers grades 9-12 biology classes

Teachervision Biology Lesson Plans- sort by grade level

TeAchnology Lesson Plans

20 Things You Didn't Know About the Periodic Table - Discover Magazine

AP Chemistry PowerPoints
-  6 units covered

AP Chemistry Study Cards

Chemistry 11- lessons and handouts

Chemistry 12- lessons and handouts

Chemistry Animations
- 8 Flash animations

Chemistry Comes Alive-
Chemistry Video Collection from the Journal of Chemical Education

Chemistry Demonstration Videos- 10 packets on various subject

Chemistry Lesson Plan Links- from the Science Spot

Chemistry Software and  Science Teaching

ChemSpider - free chemical database which provides "
fast text and structure search access to over 28 million structures from hundreds of data sources."

ChemSynthesis- Chemical Database

Doctor Mad Science- videos of experiments

Finding Science in Ice Cream

Flynn Scientific's Teacher Resources 

Free Chemistry Video Lectures- long list from LearnersTV

General Chemistry Glossary

General Chemistry Online!- includes simulations, compound library, tutorials and much more

High School Chemistry Education Resources- from the American Chemical Society

Interactive Chemistry Simulations- nice collection from the University of Colorado at Boulder

Interactive Periodic Table- great way for students to study the elements

Mole Clip Art

NeoK12 Periodic Table Videos- reviewed by K12 teachers 

The Periodic Table of Comic Books- choose an element and see which comic book involving that element

The Periodic Table of Videos- includes quizzes

Reactions in Chemistry- from the Annenberg Foundation; VOD (video on demand)

Reeko's Mad Scientist Science Experiments- chemical reactions, chemistry experiments here; experiments are rated easy, medium, hard, dangerous


Case of the Barefoot Burglar- middle school science
C.S.I.: Classroom Science Inquiry
CSI: The Experience-virtual crime scene activity; see if you can solve the crime
Discovery Education Lesson Plans- 5 listed; for grades 6-8
Fingerprinting: A Lesson on Classification- for elementary or middle school
Five Lessons for Teaching About Mysteries- mainly K-6; one for 6-advanced
Forensics Activities- written by Nancy Clark, retired high school science teacher
Forensic Science- this site was designed by students 16-18 years old and won an honorable mention in Oracle's Thinkquest Competition
Forensic Science Lesson Plans- a Thinkquest award-winning site (honorable mention) written by teens
Murder Mystery- from Newton's Apple; student activity
The Science Spot- lesson plans and many resource links listed here; excellent list

America's Most Wanted- web site of the television series
Autopsy Files- celebrities and other not-so-famous people
Crime Scene Creatures-
Crime Library- true crime stories
Crime Spider- covers loads of information, including arson, crime scene photos and a criminal justice library.
C.S.I.- TV episodes
CSI Web Adventures- funded by the National Science Foundation, this site takes you through beginner to advanced level ca; also games and "fun stuff".
Famous Trials-from Charles Manson to O.J. Simpson
F.B.I.- government site for the Federal Bureau of Investigation
F.B.I. Kids' Page- choose your grade level and learn more about what goes on at the F.B.I.
F.B.I. Records- find out about their records and how to obtain information which has been released or not yet released.
Forensic Evidence Articles- categories include Evidence Law News, Identification Evidence, Behavioral Evidence and Biological Evidence.
Interpol- world’s largest international police organization
NOVA: Investigations Archive- videos on the Unabomber, Typhoid Mary and more.
PBS Teachers- shows which involve forensic science
The Science Spot- lesson plans and many resource links listed here; excellent list
Virtual Exhibit on Forensic Science- site has a database, timeline and interactive game.
Visible Proofs-forensic views of the body; media, exhibition images, biographies

Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery- the first Internet rock shop

Ask a Geologist

Fossils-Facts-and-Finds- everything fossils

Fossils, Rocks and Time- U.S. government site

Geologic Time 

Geological Society of America 

Geology for Kids- geared towards middle school

Geology Glossary- from Cengage Learning

Geology Rocks- tutorials and photographs

Geology, Rocks and Minerals- from Enchanted Learning (for younger kids)

Geology Science Fair Project Ideas

Government Sites for Geology

KidsGeo- for younger kids

The Image- picture galleries of rocks

Mineral Identification Key

Mineral Information Institute- interactive site with a teacher and homework helper section

Sinkholes- Florida's landscape

U.S. Map Collections for All 50 States- Relief, Elevation, Drainage, Political and Road Maps

What is Geology? What Does a Geologist Do? 


A to Z Teacher Stuff- small list of lessons about hurricanes

Apps for Tracking Hurricanes- nice listing of apps available in the iTunes store; most $$, some free

BrainPop- video on hurricanes (younger kids)

CNN's Page on Hurricane Sandy

Editors' Choices from Education World- best books to teach about hurricanes

FEMA Site- steps to prepare for a hurricane; kids site here.

Horrific Hurricanes

How Hurricanes Work- from How Stuff Works; includes quiz, video

How Names are Chosen- includes listing of names to 2017

Hurricane Digital Memory Bank- "Launched in 2005, the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank uses electronic media to collect, preserve, and present the stories and digital record of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita." 

Hurricane Facts and Figures- from the St. Petersburg Times; includes hurricane gallery 

Hurricane Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities- from Education World

Hurricane Tracker- from

Hurricane Tracking Activity- from Enchanted Learning

Hurricanes- page includes graphs, maps

Make a Hurricane Spiral- for younger students; three hurricane spirals to cut out

Make Your Own Tracking Map- printable black and white map of the eastern United States

Miami Museum of Science Teacher Resources- a lot here in a friendly user interface

National Hurricane Center- forecasts, tools, podcasts

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Intensity Scale- explains each level in detail : Severe Weather and Natural Disasters- site includes quiz

Severe Weather: Hurricanes

Student Hurricane Activities- choose from 10 activities, including a crossword puzzle, quiz and word find

Teacher Guide to Hurricanes and Tornadoes- from TeAchnology; 

WatchKnowLearn- 68 videos about hurricanes; covers ages 7-18 (each one labeled for age)

Weather Coloring Books for Kids- includes downloadable posters, videos, more

Weather Wiz Kids- images, diagrams, list of hurricane names


100 Amazing Videos for Teaching and Studying Physics

Amusement Park Physics- provided by the Annenberg Project

Center for History and Physics: Niels Bohr Library and Archives- history of modern physics, astronomy, and geophysics

Khan Academy Physics Videos-

NASA's Amusement Park Physics Days

Newton's Laws

The Physics of Angry Birds- neat article from Wired Magazine

The Physics of Archery

Physics Animations- 10 listed from KScience

The Physics of Baseball

Physics Central- includes a physics blog, podcasts, physics in action, physics in pictures, physics @home and much more

Physics Flash Animations- FLASH required to view

Physics Games- around 90 games here

Physics Interactive Simulations- close to 100 from the University of Colorado at Boulder

Physics Lessons, Tutorials, Help- from the Physics Zone

The Physics of Skateboarding your guide to physics on the Internet

Popular Physics Resources- from TeacherVision

Roller Coasters and Amusement Park Physics 

Science Central Physics Resources- loads of subcategories

The Titanium Physicists Podcast- "the boundary between the incomprehensible and the well explained"

50 Physics Lesson Plans for Middle School Students- from Edgalaxy
Lesson Planet Physics Lesson Plans
- by grade level

Links to Physics and Astronomy Lesson Plans -by grade level; maintained by the Experimental High Energy Physics Group at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

Mrs. Carder's Downloadable Physics Lesson Plans and Labs

Physics Inquiry Lesson Plans

Physics Lesson Plan Links- from the Science Spot 

TeAchnology Physics Lesson Plans


All Science Fair Projects- this site boasts that it has "hundreds of science fair projects"; all grade levels

Discovery's Science Fair Central- everything you need to get you started

Earthquake Related Science Projects- from the US Geological Survey

IPL2 Science Fair Project Guide- step-by-step instructions

Prepare For a Science Fair- lesson plan for grades 6-8 from HotChalk

Science Fair Adventure- projects cover every category of science including mathematics and computer science

Science Fair Primer- getting started tips

Science Fair Project Ideas- from; covers grades K-12

The Science Project- ideas for 7th and 8th graders

Science Fair Project Ideas- choose from lists of easy, medium and challenging projects

Science Fair Projects- over 400 to choose from

Science Fair Resources- Science From Scientists

Science Fair Sanity- grades K-12 ideas for download

ScienceBob- this site has loads of "science stuff," and you'll find ideas, videos, research and experiments

Science Buddies- currently 1,073 ideas grouped by area of science


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