Web 2.0 Tools Q-Z

Easy TestMaker - create multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short answer and true and false questions all on the same test

eQuizzer-web-based quizzing program

FreeOnlineSurveys- create a test with up to 20 questions

GoogleDocs- here is a sample test

Create a Quiz Using Google Forms- from Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers

How to Create a Quiz with Excel
ImageQuiz- create a quiz based on a picture, i.e. map, diagram, parts of a computer

MasterTestcreate online tests as well as download and take the test without connecting to the Internet

QuizStar -Manage classes and quizzes, attach multimedia files to questions, make quizzes in multiple languages

ProProfs Quizmaker- Create tests and exams. Distribute securely with automatic grading and reporting.

TestmozGenerate automatically graded online tests with 4 questions types

That Quiz- find math, science vocabulary and geography quizzes;you receive complete test results including all grades and wrong answers.

Wondershare Quizcreator Free- download required

Zoho Challenge- 100 test papers/month, tests are always public, 1 question bank

Apple in Education Podcast Guide
Beginner's Guide to Podcast Creation
How Podcasting Works- from How Stuff Works

How to Create Your Own Podcast- step-by-step tutorial
How to Podcast- Audacity tutorials
Making a Podcast- using iTunes to create a podcast
Podcasting- explained by K12 Handhelds
Podcasting Basics- from Teaching Today
Podcasting in the Classroom- includes guide, iPods in education, a large list of resources for creating podcasts in the classroom and more
Podcasting Legal Guide- from Creative Commons
Podcasting: Tips for Teachers
Podcasting Tools- instructions on how to produce a podcast
Poducate Me- "HowTto" guide is downloadable as a pdf

Audacity- free cross-platform sound editor
Blubrry- podcast community and directory; hosting
Evoca- create and share digital voice recordings 
Gabcast- record and post to your blog or website
MyPodcast.com- free podcast hosting and directory
PodBean-"407,908 PODCASTERS, 1,880,627 EPISODES, 178,593,437 DOWNLOADS AS OF TODAY."
Podomatic- create or listen to podcasts
Art History- produced by LearnOutLoud, this podcast is narrated by Antonia Bath. Each podcast is about 2-6 minutes long.
Museum Podcasts- Smithsonian American Art Museum
National Gallery of Art Podcasts
Pandora Podcast Series

Barnes and Noble Studio- video podcasts with writers
Book Lust- Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl interviews writers
Book Review- The New York Times
Books Available as Podcasts
Bookworm- showcases writers of fiction and poetry
Fireside Book Chat-"books for teens; reviews by teens"
Librivox- books in the public domain; very extensive list includes Shakespeare, Dickens, Aesop and Verne
The NewYork Review of Books
NPR Books
The Penguin Podcast-Penguin Books
Podiobooks-from fantasy to fiction, this site has loads of FREE books you can listen to in your spare time

Science Fiction Book Review Podcast
Slate's Audio Book Club

Booktalks- new and old books are covered here, as hosted by media specialist Nancy Keane
Grammar Girl's Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing- tips are 5-10 minutes; most topics are requested by listeners

Podcasting in Language Arts- ideas for the classroom
Podcasts in Language Arts
ShakespeareCast- the complete works of William Shakespeare, performed by the Los Medanos College, Antioch Classical Theatre Company and Antioch High School. 

What Should You Teach Your Students About Communicating Digitally?

Chisholm Math Minutes- podcasts from 8th grade teacher Mrs. Penner 
Classroom Professor Math Podcast-  sample podcast: Math in the Cemetery, Where is Zero on Earth?

Dan's Math Cast-for high school juniors and seniors, this podcast is produced by math professor Dan Bach; well done!
How to Integrate Podcasting into Science and Math Classes  
Math Podcasts- 6th grade student podcasts
Technology in the Math Classroom 
Using Podcast to Teach Math

Digital Podcast- around 40 categories
The Education Podcast Network- K-12 with 15 categories
Find Education Podcasts- list covers professional development podcasts, education podcasts
Podcast.com- podcasts from CNN, Grammar Girl, The Public Speaker, Yale University, Edutopia and much more
Podcast Alley
PodFeed- 19,000 podcasts

Discovery Network Podcasts- you'll find Science Channel Video, Animal Planet Presents and Discovery Channel Video
Hidden Universe- episodes are 5 minutes long and transcripts are available; this podcast is presented by the Spitzer Space Telescope

How to Integrate Podcasting into Science and Math Classes 
Ideas for Podcasting in the Classroom
NASA Podcasts- for 9-12th graders
Podcasting in the Middle School Science Classroom
The Wild Classroom- biology podcasts

Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt- 15 chapters
Colonial Williamsburg
Medieval Studies

Mr. Carmichael's Social Studies Podcasts- covers American history, world geography and world history
Podcast Central: Social Studies- for middle school teachers
Room 613 Talk- 6th grade social studies class
Social Studies Podcasts- includes Free Speech vs Privacy, Digitizing History
Using "Easy" Podcasting in the Social Studies Curriculum


Camstudio- for Windows computers only; files are in AVI and SWF format.

Copernicus- for Macintosh computers only; captures stills and video with NO audio
FreeScreencast- download their software and create your screencast; embed in your site or share with the world

Jing- available for Windows or Macintosh, Jing lets you capture your screen; larger swf files and 5 minute limit in the free version. Pro version $$.

Screencast-o-matic- available for Windows or Macintosh; videos can be up to 15 minutes long in the free version; file is .mov format and stored on their website.

Screencastle- one click screencasting through your browser

Screenpresso- only available for Windows computers; screenshots in image formats jpg, png, bmp, gif. (no screen motion, just screen capture) You can edit your images within this program.

ScreenR- use your Twitter account to save your work and publish your screencast

Screentoaster- free online screen recorder

Webinaria- for Windows computers only; files can be downloaded in FLV (FLASH) format.

Big Tent- members only site

Convofy- free account allows unlimited storage and users

CrowdVine- free account has ads

CubeTree- free edition allows microblogging, photo & link sharing and user profiles

Diipoincludes educator community, class roster, student blogs, upload files, links, resources and more.

Edmodo- social learning for classrooms; free

Everloop- safe site for tweens

Free Forums- many styles to choose from; 24/7 support

GroupieGuide- events pictures, discussion

Grou.ps- 70+ templates; make public or private; free plan allows 10 members and up to 100MB storage

Jabbster- share photos, event calendar; host discussions; free

Lefora-create a forum for free with any of the provided themes; post videos to the forum; 2GB storage

Minigroup- instant private groups

Mixxt- 1 GB space; ads on the free account pages

Ning- it used to be free, now the least expensive is Ning Mini, at $2.95/month

Papyrs- "build a personalized intranet"

Phile- create your own community

Posterbee- "discover-read-share-collaborate"

Posterous Groups- "the easiest way to post and share anything"

Qlubb- includes group calendar, invites, file sharing, group email

ShoutEm- $$ plans starting at $29.95/month/12 month subscription; recommended by PC World.

ShoutReel- record videos and share with friends and family

Six Groups- "turn your web site into a community"

SocialGo- free site has ads

Spokt- upload photos, share polls, post

Spruz- up to 50 members and 100MB space for free account

Stribe Community Network-

Tal.ki- embed a forum on your website

ThatsToday- shared calendar, files, messages

Toonti- create a custom social community

Twiducate- free social networking for schools; post discussions, homework


The Beginner's Guide to Twitter- written by Michael Hyatt, this is a "20 minute guide to Twitter for non-techies."

Connect by Microblogging- from Shelly Terrell

Educators on Twitter- spreadsheet on GoogleDocs; add your name

FLLWRS- keep track of who follows you or unfollows you on Twitter

Hootsuite- social media dashboard

A Teacher's Guide to Twitter-written by former science teacher Kate Klingensmith

Seven Ways to Find Teachers on Twitter-learn about new resources and exchange ideas about teaching; from Free Tech for Teachers Richard Byrne

TweetDeck- manages tweets

Twibes- group of Twitter users with the same interest in a particular topic

Twishort- write more than 140 characters on Twitter

Twitter Chat Tools- list of 5

Twitter Handbook for Teachers- written by Tomaz Lasic

TwitterU- wikispace which lists some Twitter hashtags

Twittonary- Twitter dictionary

Using Twitter in the Classroom- written by Michael Zimmer, whose blog is The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness.

 Basic Scientific Calculator Online- supports " sin, cos, tan, square root, x^y, inverse, logarithmic, log base10, factorial, percentage, logarithm and basic calculator operations like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication".
Calcoo- find 10 categories of calculators, including measurement and conversion, cost of capital, stock analysis, mathematics, health, loan and leasing, saving and investing, real estate, wage, vacation, taxes.

Desmos- browser-based program which can also be used on your iPad; graphs equations as you enter them

EEWeb- created by the electrical engineering community, this is a large online scientific calculator

Encalc- "
Encalc is an online scientific calculator. Key features include the ability to handle units and dimensional analysis, to perform symbolic algebra and calculus, to define variables, and to look up values from its large database of physical constants"

The Free Calculator- calculates complex science, engineering, and mathematics problems

Google- if you type "calculator" in the search box, you will get  a calculator which handles loads of calculations

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0- you will need to download this program, which "plots in 2D and 3D, step-by-step equation solving, and useful tools to help students with math and science studies."

Online Scientific Calculator- simple interface

Scientific Calculator- web app that you use with the Chrome browser; work online or offline

SpeedCrunch- covers Windows, Linux and Mac; download necessary; includes unlimited variables, syntax highlighting, smart correction and more.

Web 2.0 Calc- also offers widgets to embed calculator on your website

Wolfram Alpha- instant solutions to problems; paste your equation in the search box and get a visual representation of the equation.

CreateSurvey- 7-day free trial; $$

Doodle- registration is not necessary

EasyPolls- it really is very easy!

Flisti- create free online polls without signing up

Google Forms-use a template or make your own; must be logged in with a Gmail account

Kwik Surveys- unlimited number of questions, answers and surveys
Micropoll- many features; free

Obsurvey- "unlimited surveys, responses, questions and pages, no ads and no cost."
Pollcode- up to 30 possible answers for your poll

Pollmo- very simple application

Poll Daddy-I have used this one; easy to set up

Poll Everywhere- free and $$ accounts

Qualtrics- survey design,analysis, reporting; free and $$

QuestionForm- limit to two surveys

QuestionPro- free and $$ accounts; offers many types of reports and a large choice of question types, even in the free account.

Quizsnack- online surveys and polls

Stellar Survey-10 surveys and up to 100 respondents

Survey Anyplace- free and $$ plans

Survey Monkey-used this one and like it

Text the Mob- poll people through their cell phones

Thinkmeter- helps you make decisions

Urtak-question and answer tool

Vorbeo-basic format for simple poll

Yarp- simple invitations and surveys

Voxopop- create a talkgroup for your classroom

Wall.fm- free account allows 5GB of disk space, with a myriad of features, including blogs, photo albums, tags, forum, comment walls and more.

Wiggio- claims to be the easiest to use

Yaptime- share files, calendar, email postings


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