last updated: Dec. 18, 2014
5 Unbeatable Types of Infographic and Free Tools to Create Them- Search Engine Journal has provided very useful information

10 Awesome Free Tools to Make Infographics- from; list of tutorials and program

19 Word Cloud Resources, Tips, and Tools- from Shelly Terrell's Teacher Reboot Camp

DIY Infographic Production- instructions in the form of what else, an infographic

AmCharts- flash and java script charts

Barchart- simple tool to use

Beam- from Venngage create colorful mind maps

Cacoo- create diagrams online

ChartGizmo- online chart builder

ChartGo- input your information and create your chart

Chartle- simple and interactive charts

ChartPart- chart generator

Crappy Graphs!- very easy way to make graphs

Create a Graph- from Kids' Zone; easy to use

Creately- make diagrams and flow charts

Diagrammr- create and share diagrams by writing sentences

Free Vector World Maps Collection- high resolution world map images

Gapminder Desktop- show global trends with this downloadable program; very nice!

Gliffy- online diagram and flowchart software

Google Chart Tools
gallery of interactive charts and data tools.

Google Public Data- use public data and turn it into an infographic

Gunn Map-paste in your data and create your custom world map

Hohi- online charts builder create interactive infographics

Inkscape- Open Source vector graphic software

Lovely Charts- diagrams and flowcharts

Lucid Chart- online diagram and flow chart

Make Sweet- create Venn diagrams

Many Eyes-create your visualization by uploading information

Mind 42- mind mapping

Pie Color- make a pie chart in 2D or 3D

Piktochart- presentation tool; free and $$ accounts

PosterMyWall- classroom accounts are free

Pretty Graph

SlickPlan- create sitemaps and flowcharts

Smore- try the page builder for a great project!

Statplanet- "browser-based interactive data visualization and mapping application."

Tableau- create visualizations; download required; only Windows available

Tagxedo- word clouds; more features than Wordle

ThingLink- make your images interactive

Venngage- excellent templates; education pricing, free accounts

Visualize Everything: 32 Free Tools to Create Different Diagrams 

What is an Infographic?- explained simply with Legos

Wordle- create word clouds

27+ Beautiful Examples of Infographics- yes, they are

40 Useful and Creative Infographics- you'll find A Year in Iraq, Evolution of the Household, On Driving: Automobile History and Our Favorite Drugs.

60 Creative Examples of Infographics- includes The Global Tobacco Trade, What Countries Invest the Most in Alternative Energy? and The Periodic Table of Typefaces.

Best Infographics 2010- from Larry Ferlazzo's site; nice listing

Best Interactive Infographics 2009- Larry Ferlazzo's site

Cool Infographics- nice collection, including the Caffeine Poster, Are You Vitamin D Deficient and The Brutal Decline of Yahoo!

- includes The Colors on the Web, The Cost Efficiency of Transportation and A Modern History of Human Communication.

Fast Company- large collection includes How the Brain Reacts When We Have Too Much to Do, The Physics of Oil Spills, Rich Countries Have an Aging Problem and Who Drives Worse, Teens, or Seniors?

Infographic World- view their portfolio; the 24 graphics are really good!

Visual Complexity- close to 700 projects in the collection; you can easily search for what you need. infographics and visualizations; HUGE collection share or view infographics


Digital Resume- Michael Anderson's resume as an infographic is outstanding!

Teaching With Infographics: Places to Start- from the New York Times; examples shared over five days. Includes a section on the page entitled "Places to Start Learning About Infographics."

CDC- Data and Statistics on Obesity

Can I Get Cancer from Oral Sex?

The Global Impact of STDs

A Healthy Eating Plate- graphic from the Harvard School of Public Health

How Healthy is Your City, State or Country?- topics covered include obesity, environmental issues, diseases and addictions and other issues.

How Soft Drinks Impact Your Health

The Kid's Activity Pyramid

Lung Cancer Facts

Mediterranean Pyramid

Flowing Data-collection includes the Kennedy family tree, Evolution of the Two-Party Vote During the Past Century and What Generation Do You Belong To?

Haiti Earthquake Infographics- this was a contest held in Feb. 2010; thirteen entries can be viewed

Help Japan- March 11, 2011 earthquake

History Shots-political, sports, military, adventure and general categories

Infographics News- news infographic

Information Aesthetics-political, financial and economic topics

Simple Complexity- samples include Misleading Statistics, Berlin Wall, and Government Expenses Worldwide by GDP.


Wall Stats- political and economic topics

Waste in Space- "space junk" up there



How to Turn Infographics into Effective Teaching Tools- from's blog

Infographics as a Creative Assessment- huge listing includes books, web resources and videos from Kathy Schrock

Infographics Lesson

Seven Essentials of Good Infographic Design- great tips from Free Technology For Teachers

Teaching Visual Literacy- for middle school

Teaching With Infographics: A Student Project Model- from New York Times Learning Network

Teaching With Infographics: Places to Start- New York Times Learning Network; includes TED video of David McCandless

Ways to Teach Using Infographics-from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


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