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I am fortunate to have had blind young man working for me in the media center. His positive attitude and spirit lift me daily, and he never ceases to amaze me with his ability to navigate the computer lab and library. There are so many things that the sighted world takes for granted, and Matt reminds me of these things every day. Today I learned about Bookshare®(2012 Reader's Choice Award winner from eSchool Media) a site which is an online library of digital books for people with print disabilities. It operates under an exception to U.S. copyright law which allows copyrighted digital books to be made available to people with qualifying disabilities. I can't wait to share the site with Matt, as well as our special education teachers, as I know our students will find it invaluable. As described on their site, "members with visual impairments can listen to books with using a text-to-speech synthesized voice, read books in Braille, or access the material in large print. Members can read books on a computer or a variety of portable devices, either visually and with text-to-speech as desired. Members with severe dyslexia typically benefit from access to the full text of books in digital format, for multi-modal reading with both visual and audio.(through synthetic text to speech)."

UPDATED 6/29/17

Here's a video of blind student Steffon Middleton using a portable Braille device to read digital books on Bookshare® :

Currently there are about 127,000 digital books, textbooks, teacher-recommended reading, periodicals and assistive technology tools.

Bookshare® has a long list of major donors, including Adobe Corporation, Mozilla Foundation, (their browser is FireFox) Microsoft Corporation and the U.S. Department of Education - Office of Special Education Programs.

Famous People with Disabilities

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
President George Bush (both)
Tom Cruise
Bill Gates
Steven Spielberg
Sylvester Stallone
Ted Turner
Jules Verne

Asperger's Syndrome Characteristics (Autism)
Leonardo DaVinci
Peter the Great
Vincent Van Gogh
George Washington


Charles Dickens
Che Guevara
Bob Hope
John F. Kennedy
Elizabeth Taylor

Cerebral Palsy

Christy Brown
Stephen Hawking
Geri Jewell


Halle Berry
Aretha Franklin
Bret Michaels
Mary Tyler Moore
Sugar Ray Robinson
Mia Sorvino
Sonya Sotomayer

Club Foot/Feet

Gary Burghoff
Mia Hamm
Dudley Moore
Kristi Yamaguchi
Daymon Wayans


Agatha Christie
Tom Cruise
Albert Einstein
Whoopi Goldberg
Bruce Jenner
Magic Johnson


Richard Burton
Agatha Christie
Edgar Allen Poe
Theodore Roosevelt
Peter Tchaikovsky
Neil Young

Mood Disorders

Jim Carrey
Winston Churchill
Carrie Fisher
Billy Joel
Ben Stiller

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (O.C.D.)

Jessica Alba
David Beckham
Penelope Cruz
Cameron Diaz
Harrison Ford
Howard Hughes
Howie Mandell
Justin Timberlake

Fonts for Students with Dyslexia

1. Dyslexie

iPad Apps for Autistic Children

10 Great iPad Apps for Autistic Children- from the blog, Vitamin B12 Patch

10 Revolutionary Apps to Help Autistic Children

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60 Minutes Episode on the iPad:

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- colors, numbers, shapes, letters

How the iPad Works with Academics for Autism:

iPad Apps and Resources for People with Autism- spreadsheet created by Shannon Rosa, (parent of a child with autism) Corina Becker, (an Autistic adult with a BA in English) and Jordan Sadler. (speech-language pathologist) Very extensive listing!

iPad Educational Apps- all under $10.00 each

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Top iPad Apps for Children with Autism
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Resources for Special Education Teachers
Ability Hub-assistive technology solutions

Academic Accommodations for Students with Learning Disabilities- from The University of Washington


ADD in School- resources for teachers of ADHD students

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Autism Resources Links

Classroom Adaptations for Students with Cerebral Palsy

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Free Text-to-Speech Sites

General Resources for Special Education Needs

Inclusion in the Classroom: The Teaching Methods
Internet Special Education Resources

LD Online -Learning Disabilities

Mark's Special Education Page- lesson plans, educational resources; very extensive

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National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education Through Technology, Media and Materials (NCIP)

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An Open Special Education Contract

Reading Resources for Special Needs

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