Saturday, November 26, 2011

For Research: 13 Types of Citation Generators

A few days ago, my niece asked me for information about how to format a bibliography. I couldn't help but tell her the story of how "when I was in high school" we had to follow a formula which the teacher provided on a handout. Each book, newspaper article, magazine article done by hand and then typed on the typewriter for my research paper. "You are so fortunate, today.." I told my niece. There are free programs on the Internet which will practically do all the work for you, including putting your bibliography in a Microsoft Word document. So I sent her a small list of my favorite programs, and then expanded the list here. I've starred my personal favorites.

Bibomatic- for books only; enter the ISBN number of a book for the citation

CiteBite- link directly to specific quotes on web pages

CiteFast- covers MLA, APA, Chicago and newspaper, magazine, web site, journal, book

EasyBib*- also now has an iPhone app where you can scan the ISBN number on a book

GoBiblio- free bibliography and citation generator

KnightCite- enter the information in the blank fields and your citation is generated; covers MLA, APA, Chicago

NoodleBib Express- free version of Noodle Tools

OttoBib- for books only; enter the ISBN number of a book for the citation

Son of Citation Machine- for APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian formats

Zotero*- keep all your research in one spot

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

24 Infographics For Teacher-Librarians and Media Specialists

As I have mentioned many times before, I love infographics. Here are 24 I have added to the Media Specialists-Teacher Librarian page.

40 Years of E-books 

America's 100 Largest Libraries 

Anatomy of a Librarian 

Books VS eBooks 

eBooks: The Greener Choice 

The Evolution of the Book 

The Evolution of Classroom Technology 

Evolution of the Noble Librarian  

The Evolution of Story Telling 

The Evolution of Typography

The History of Science Fiction 

A History of Typography 

How Digital Devices are Replacing Textbooks 

How Google Works  

The Influential Power of Print

Is Print Dead? 

A Librarian's Worth Around the World

Most Targeted Books

Press Facts 

Publishing in the Digital Era

The Top 10 List of Mark Twain's Popular Quotes

U.S. Public Libraries at Risk 

A Visual Summary of Harry Potter 

What Makes Good Information Design? 

You Should Read This Before You Write That

Web 2.0 Tools: 10 Apps for Screencasting

 I'm a visual learner, how about you? I've personally used screencasting not only for my students, but for the faculty in my school. With Jing, I was able to show them how to use the calendars in FirstClass (our email program) to sign up for the computer lab. Students can view tutorials on how to use our library's database of books.. How about using one of these programs to create a lesson for your students when you are out sick? With so many to choose from, see what works best for you.

Camstudio- for Windows computers only; files are in AVI and SWF format.
Copernicus- for Macintosh computers only; captures stills and video with NO audio
FreeScreencast- download their software and create your screencast; embed in your site or share with the world

Jing- available for Windows or Macintosh, Jing lets you capture your screen; larger swf files and 5 minute limit in the free version. Pro version $$.

Screencast-o-matic- available for Windows or Macintosh; videos can be up to 15 minutes long in the free version; file is .mov format and stored on their website.

Screencastle- one click screencasting through your browser

Screenpresso- only available for Windows computers; screenshots in image formats jpg, png, bmp, gif. (no screen motion, just screen capture) You can edit your images within this program.

ScreenR- use your Twitter account to save your work and publish your screencast

Screentoaster- free online screen recorder

Webinaria- for Windows computers only; files can be downloaded in FLV (FLASH) format.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Web 2.0 Tools: 26 Survey and Poll Creation Resources

It's easier than ever to get instant feedback in the form of a survey or poll. Most of the free plans offer between 10 and 20 questions and up to 100 respondents. If you have a web site or blog, you can embed the survey/poll on the site, or you can usually email a link to the web page where your respondents can view your survey/poll. Pick which tool you like from the list below:

CreateSurvey- 7-day free trial; $$

Doodle- registration is not necessary

EasyPolls- it really is very easy!

Flisti- create free online polls without signing up

FluidSurveys- unlimited surveys with up to 20 questions each; up to 100 respondents per survey

Google Forms-use a template or make your own; must be logged in with a Gmail account

Kwik Surveys- unlimited number of questions, answers and surveys
Micropoll- many features; free

Obsurvey- "unlimited surveys, responses, questions and pages, no ads and no cost."
Pollcode- up to 30 possible answers for your poll

Pollmo- very simple application

Poll Daddy-I have used this one; easy to set up

Poll Everywhere- free and $$ accounts

Qualtrics- survey design,analysis, reporting; free and $$

QuestionForm- limit to two surveys

QuestionPro- free and $$ accounts; offers many types of reports and a large choice of question types, even in the free account.

Quizsnack- online surveys and polls

Stellar Survey-10 surveys and up to 100 respondents

Survey Monkey-used this one and like it

Text the Mob- poll people through their cell phones

Thinkmeter- helps you make decisions

Urtak-question and answer tool

Vorbeo-basic format for simple poll

Yarp- simple invitations and surveys


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