Saturday, November 26, 2011

For Research: 13 Types of Citation Generators

A few days ago, my niece asked me for information about how to format a bibliography. I couldn't help but tell her the story of how "when I was in high school" we had to follow a formula which the teacher provided on a handout. Each book, newspaper article, magazine article done by hand and then typed on the typewriter for my research paper. "You are so fortunate, today.." I told my niece. There are free programs on the Internet which will practically do all the work for you, including putting your bibliography in a Microsoft Word document. So I sent her a small list of my favorite programs, and then expanded the list here. I've starred my personal favorites.

Bibomatic- for books only; enter the ISBN number of a book for the citation

CiteBite- link directly to specific quotes on web pages

CiteFast- covers MLA, APA, Chicago and newspaper, magazine, web site, journal, book

EasyBib*- also now has an iPhone app where you can scan the ISBN number on a book

GoBiblio- free bibliography and citation generator

KnightCite- enter the information in the blank fields and your citation is generated; covers MLA, APA, Chicago

NoodleBib Express- free version of Noodle Tools

OttoBib- for books only; enter the ISBN number of a book for the citation

Son of Citation Machine- for APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian formats

Zotero*- keep all your research in one spot


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