Monday, November 21, 2011

Web 2.0 Tools: 26 Survey and Poll Creation Resources

It's easier than ever to get instant feedback in the form of a survey or poll. Most of the free plans offer between 10 and 20 questions and up to 100 respondents. If you have a web site or blog, you can embed the survey/poll on the site, or you can usually email a link to the web page where your respondents can view your survey/poll. Pick which tool you like from the list below:

CreateSurvey- 7-day free trial; $$

Doodle- registration is not necessary

EasyPolls- it really is very easy!

Flisti- create free online polls without signing up

FluidSurveys- unlimited surveys with up to 20 questions each; up to 100 respondents per survey

Google Forms-use a template or make your own; must be logged in with a Gmail account

Kwik Surveys- unlimited number of questions, answers and surveys
Micropoll- many features; free

Obsurvey- "unlimited surveys, responses, questions and pages, no ads and no cost."
Pollcode- up to 30 possible answers for your poll

Pollmo- very simple application

Poll Daddy-I have used this one; easy to set up

Poll Everywhere- free and $$ accounts

Qualtrics- survey design,analysis, reporting; free and $$

QuestionForm- limit to two surveys

QuestionPro- free and $$ accounts; offers many types of reports and a large choice of question types, even in the free account.

Quizsnack- online surveys and polls

Stellar Survey-10 surveys and up to 100 respondents

Survey Monkey-used this one and like it

Text the Mob- poll people through their cell phones

Thinkmeter- helps you make decisions

Urtak-question and answer tool

Vorbeo-basic format for simple poll

Yarp- simple invitations and surveys

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