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Infographics, Part II: How to Create an Infographic- 44 Places to Find Tutorials and Tools

Yesterday I posted a listing of infographics by subject area.  If you are interested in creating your own infographic for a lesson, today's posting provides sites to learn how to create an infographic and a long list of tools which will help you with your project. 

5 Unbeatable Types of Infographic and Free Tools to Create Them- Search Engine Journal has provided very useful information

10 Awesome Free Tools to Make Infographics- from; list of tutorials and program

19 Word Cloud Resources, Tips, and Tools- from Shelly Terrell's Teacher Reboot Camp

DIY Infographic Production- instructions in the form of what else, an infographic

Make Your Own Infographic- from Wild Apricot Blog

Tutorials on Making Interactive Infographics- 2 videos

AmCharts- flash and java script charts

Barchart- simple tool to use create colorful mind maps

Cacoo- create diagrams online

ChartGizmo- online chart builder

ChartGo- input your information and create your chart

ChartPart- chart generator

Chartle- simple and interactive charts

Crappy Graphs!- very easy way to make graphs

Create a Graph- from Kids' Zone; easy to use

Creately- make diagrams and flow charts

Diagrammr- create and share diagrams by writing sentences

Free Vector World Maps Collection- high resolution world map images

Gapminder Desktop- show global trends with this downloadable program; very nice!

Gliffy- online diagram and flowchart software

Google Chart Toolsgallery of interactive charts and data tools.

Google Public Data- use public data and turn it into an infographic

Gunn Map-paste in your data and create your custom world map

Hohi- online charts builder

Inkscape- Open Source vector graphic software

Lucid Chart- online diagram and flow chart

Make Sweet- create Venn diagrams

Many Eyes-create your visualization by uploading information

Mind 42- mind mapping

Pie Color- make a pie chart in 2D or 3D

Pretty Graph

SlickPlan- create sitemaps and flowcharts

Statplanet- "browser-based interactive data visualization and mapping application."

Tableau- create visualizations; download required; only Windows available

Wordle- create word clouds

Have You Used Infographics in Your Classroom?

We live in a visual world. Our students spend hours every day on their cell phones, computers and computer games. So what better way to teach a particular subject then by using an infographic. If you've never heard of this wonderful teaching tool, let me explain; infographics are a visual representation of information, facts or knowledge. If you've ever ridden the subway, I'm sure you noticed the subway map which displayed all the different trains and their routes. (color-coded) That poster is an infographic. Take a look at some of the 118 resources below and you'll see what a great addition to a lesson plan an infographic can make.

1 Dropout Every 26 Seconds!

10 Jaw-Dropping Awesome Infographics on Education

Digital Resume- Michael Anderson's resume as an infographic is outstanding!

Teaching With Infographics: Places to Start- from the New York Times; examples shared over five days. Includes a section on the page entitled "Places to Start Learning About Infographics."

17 Educational Infographics to Learn About Reproductive Health-includes Teen Pregnancy in America, Abortion State-By-State, STDs in America and Porn and the Economy.

The Addiction Process: How We Get Addicted

Amazing Facts About the Human Body

CDC- Data and Statistics on Obesity

How Healthy is Your City, State or Country?- topics covered include obesity, environmental issues, diseases and addictions and other issues.
How Soft Drinks Impact Your Health

Lung Cancer Facts

Flowing Data-collection includes the Kennedy family tree, Evolution of the Two-Party Vote During the Past Century and What Generation Do You Belong To?

Haiti Earthquake Infographics- this was a contest held in Feb. 2010; thirteen entries can be viewed

Help Japan- March 11, 2011 earthquake

History Shots-political, sports, military, adventure and general categories

Infographics News- news infographic

Information Aesthetics-political, financial and economic topics

Simple Complexity- samples include Misleading Statistics, Berlin Wall, and Government Expenses Worldwide by GDP.

What Does Your State Do Worst?- from crime to pollution each state is labeled in this infographic

Where in the World Are Exiled Leaders?

Wall Stats- political and economic topics

Bloody Mess- blood spatter

Famous Crimes (forensics)

Waste in Space- "space junk" up there

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New to Our Profession? Here Are 30 Links to Resources Which Help You in Your Job

If you're reading this post for information, congratulations! In a time where so many teachers have lost their jobs, you are very fortunate to have been hired for the 2011-2012 school year! Help is right around the corner. (or should I say paragraph?) The best advice I can give you is to find a mentor (someone who has been teaching at least 4 years or more) and use that person's knowledge and experience to assist you. Take it one day at a time and be prepared to work. Here's a great quote a colleague of mine posted recently: "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."-William Arthur Ward.  (Thanks, Brenda!)  Best of luck and go inspire your students!

6 Quick Tips For New Teachers- told like a fairy tale, this cute video is very helpful!

50 Best Blogs for Brand New Teachers

100 Mistakes New Teachers Make

101 Things for the First Three Weeks


How Teachers Can Use Educational Technology Successfully

Icebreaker Activities- from A to Z Teacher Stuff; elementary kids; some older

Louise Maine on Wikis- not sure what a wiki is, click here for a definition

Most Important Skills for a New Teacher- post by K. Jarrett, who is a K-4 technology teacher

New Middle Grade Teachers

NewTeacher- site was founded by former teachers Rosemary and Harry Wong; many links to articles and web-based papers

New Teacher Center- news and many resource links

New Teacher Resource Center- created by ESL teacher Dorit Sasson, the site has many tips and booklets for download.

New Teacher Survival Central- from blogs to basics to classroom tools; Discovery Education

New Teacher Tech Survival List- from the Nerdy Teacher's blog

Newbies- from

Preparing for the First Day-includes a survival kit, ideas; from Education World

Survival Guide for New Teachers- from; includes tips, printables, helpline and survival guide.

Teachers' Network- covers Back to School Night, opening activities and parent-teacher conferences.

Teachervision's New Teacher Resources- comprehensive list includes, Slideshows of Advice, Beginning of the School Year, The Classroom, Dealing with Homework, Teacher-Parent Relationships, Classroom Notes, Passes, Forms and much more.

Technology Integration For Beginning Teachers

Top 10 Technology Tips For New Teachers

Monday, August 8, 2011

44 Things That Are All About Dewey (The Dewey Decimal System, That Is)

Basic Dewey Decimal

Becoming Familiar With Dewey- print a certificate when you are done

Can You Do the Dewey?

Deciphering the Dewey Decimal System- short matching quiz on the ten categories

Dewey and the Alien

Dewey Call Numbers-quiz

The Dewey Challenge

Dewey Decimal Crossword Puzzle

Dewey Decimal Hangman

DDS- timed game

Dewey Decimal System- match books with their Dewey number (easy)

Dewey Decimal System- match books with their Dewey number (medium)

Dewey Decimal System- match books with their Dewey number (hard)

Dewey Decimal Interactive Quiz

Kids Click for Dewey

Let's Do Dewey

Let's Do the DDC- OCLC's interactive site

Library Skills Game

Match the Author With the Correct Call Number

Order in the Library- excellent shelving game which has many levels of play; can be used for any age level

Quiz Me

Study Stack- matching game

Dewey Bingo- MS Publisher document

The Dewey Decimal Classification System- written by Jean Halsey

Dewey Decimal Game 2- for 4th graders

The Dewey Directory- download a copy for your library

The Dewey Rap- for 4th graders

The Dewey Rap Music- .wav file

Free Presentations in PowerPoint Format

Huey and Louie Meet Dewey- for grades 3-5, 6-8

Shopping With the Dewey Decimal System

The Book Disaster- for 5th graders

Dewey Decimal Web Quest

DeweyWorld- grades 4-6

Help! I am Locked in the Library- fro grades 4-6

Hunt For Dewey Decimal System

Vermont School Library Dewey Web Quest

What is a Call Number?- designed by 6th graders

Who Was Dewey?

20 Web Articles and Videos Which Explain Differentiated Instruction

As a classroom teacher, you are often given students who are on different levels and have different needs. Using differentiated instruction in your class will help your students learn effectively, despite their differing abilities.

An Educator's Guide to Making Textbooks Accessible and Usable for Students with Learning Disabilities- from the Center for Applied Special Technology and LD Online (2007)

Differentiated Instruction- articles, video and links; from Reading Rockets site.

Differentiated Instruction- this site includes a scavenger hunt, lesson-unit template, sample lesson, resource links. From the Flemington-Raritan School District. (NJ)

Differentiated Instruction Allows Students to Succeed- from Edutopia

Differentiated Instruction Explained- this video was made with Xtranormal

Differentiated Instruction for Math- download the article in MS Word or as a PDF.

Differentiating Instruction: Information and Ideas for Working with Individual Differences- from; covers special education, ESL/ELL students and gifted students.

Differentiation in Action- a 6th grade math class hows differentiation in action:

Elementary School Teachers- this site covers lesson plans, templates, materials, inventory, signs, centers and web quest.

How to Plan for Differentiated Instruction- from TeAchnology; each step connects to a webpage on the site with more information.

Introduction: What is Differentiated Instruction?

Middle and High School Lesson Plans Using Differentiated Instruction- covers Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and other areas; grades 4-12.

Teaching Tips: Differentiated Instruction- links include: activities, articles, lesson plan and more; from the

University of Missouri
What Works For Differentiated Instruction in Elementary Schools- from Edutopia


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