Friday, August 12, 2011

Have You Used Infographics in Your Classroom?

We live in a visual world. Our students spend hours every day on their cell phones, computers and computer games. So what better way to teach a particular subject then by using an infographic. If you've never heard of this wonderful teaching tool, let me explain; infographics are a visual representation of information, facts or knowledge. If you've ever ridden the subway, I'm sure you noticed the subway map which displayed all the different trains and their routes. (color-coded) That poster is an infographic. Take a look at some of the 118 resources below and you'll see what a great addition to a lesson plan an infographic can make.

1 Dropout Every 26 Seconds!

10 Jaw-Dropping Awesome Infographics on Education

Digital Resume- Michael Anderson's resume as an infographic is outstanding!

Teaching With Infographics: Places to Start- from the New York Times; examples shared over five days. Includes a section on the page entitled "Places to Start Learning About Infographics."

17 Educational Infographics to Learn About Reproductive Health-includes Teen Pregnancy in America, Abortion State-By-State, STDs in America and Porn and the Economy.

The Addiction Process: How We Get Addicted

Amazing Facts About the Human Body

CDC- Data and Statistics on Obesity

How Healthy is Your City, State or Country?- topics covered include obesity, environmental issues, diseases and addictions and other issues.
How Soft Drinks Impact Your Health

Lung Cancer Facts

Flowing Data-collection includes the Kennedy family tree, Evolution of the Two-Party Vote During the Past Century and What Generation Do You Belong To?

Haiti Earthquake Infographics- this was a contest held in Feb. 2010; thirteen entries can be viewed

Help Japan- March 11, 2011 earthquake

History Shots-political, sports, military, adventure and general categories

Infographics News- news infographic

Information Aesthetics-political, financial and economic topics

Simple Complexity- samples include Misleading Statistics, Berlin Wall, and Government Expenses Worldwide by GDP.

What Does Your State Do Worst?- from crime to pollution each state is labeled in this infographic

Where in the World Are Exiled Leaders?

Wall Stats- political and economic topics

Bloody Mess- blood spatter

Famous Crimes (forensics)

Waste in Space- "space junk" up there


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