Friday, August 12, 2011

Infographics, Part II: How to Create an Infographic- 44 Places to Find Tutorials and Tools

Yesterday I posted a listing of infographics by subject area.  If you are interested in creating your own infographic for a lesson, today's posting provides sites to learn how to create an infographic and a long list of tools which will help you with your project. 

5 Unbeatable Types of Infographic and Free Tools to Create Them- Search Engine Journal has provided very useful information

10 Awesome Free Tools to Make Infographics- from; list of tutorials and program

19 Word Cloud Resources, Tips, and Tools- from Shelly Terrell's Teacher Reboot Camp

DIY Infographic Production- instructions in the form of what else, an infographic

Make Your Own Infographic- from Wild Apricot Blog

Tutorials on Making Interactive Infographics- 2 videos

AmCharts- flash and java script charts

Barchart- simple tool to use create colorful mind maps

Cacoo- create diagrams online

ChartGizmo- online chart builder

ChartGo- input your information and create your chart

ChartPart- chart generator

Chartle- simple and interactive charts

Crappy Graphs!- very easy way to make graphs

Create a Graph- from Kids' Zone; easy to use

Creately- make diagrams and flow charts

Diagrammr- create and share diagrams by writing sentences

Free Vector World Maps Collection- high resolution world map images

Gapminder Desktop- show global trends with this downloadable program; very nice!

Gliffy- online diagram and flowchart software

Google Chart Toolsgallery of interactive charts and data tools.

Google Public Data- use public data and turn it into an infographic

Gunn Map-paste in your data and create your custom world map

Hohi- online charts builder

Inkscape- Open Source vector graphic software

Lucid Chart- online diagram and flow chart

Make Sweet- create Venn diagrams

Many Eyes-create your visualization by uploading information

Mind 42- mind mapping

Pie Color- make a pie chart in 2D or 3D

Pretty Graph

SlickPlan- create sitemaps and flowcharts

Statplanet- "browser-based interactive data visualization and mapping application."

Tableau- create visualizations; download required; only Windows available

Wordle- create word clouds


  1. Thank you for providing such a good resource! Learning how to do this has been a goal of mine that has been sitting on the back I can move forward and learn how to make infographs!

  2. You're very welcome. If you have any questions or thoughts about what you'd like to see here just let me know!

  3. thanks a lot julie. i really wanted to know how to create infographics. gr8 place to start.



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