Friday, March 15, 2013

Make Your Own Shelf Markers!

If you have ever purchased shelf markers from one of the popular library vendors, you will agree that they are expensive and easily breakable. Did you ever think that making them yourself  (or letting the kids make them) would save lots of money? Take a look below and see if your library could use its own set of shelf markers. I have also included a video and PPT you can show young students.

Handy Library Sticks

Shelf Markers and Duct Tape- looks like a chocolate bar!

Shelf Markers From Paint Stirrers- love this idea!

Using Shelf Markers- PowerPoint for elementary school students

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Teaching Tolerance to Our Students

I first heard about The Southern Poverty Law Center from my aunt. She told me all the things they were doing to rid the world of hate and injustice. Civil rights lawyers Morris Dees and Joseph Levin Jr. founded SPLC in 1971 and the organization is known globally for "tracking and exposing the activities of hate groups."  SPLC's project, Teaching Tolerance, offers free magazine subscriptions to teachers, as well as free film kits, which include DVDs (and accompanying teacher's guide) about bullying, the Holocaust, the March in Birmingham and Cesar Chavez. Under their section on classroom resources, Teaching Tolerance has a nice listing of lesson plans for all ages.With free publications to download, Teaching Tolerance is a website that is a wonderful resource for the classroom.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Feedly Can Easily Replace Google Reader

When I learned yesterday about Google Reader closing in July, I looked into alternatives. As a visual learner, I have to say I love Feedly.. Switching was a snap, as I imported all my RSS feeds into Feedly with a few clicks. There is a mobile app for Android and iPhone and Kindle, and they have a blog, which currently has instructions for your migration. Here is a sample screenshot of what you will see when you log into your new account:

LEGOs in the Classroom? You Bet!

There was a time when LEGOs were only used for playtime. But there are so many things beyond play, including lessons for math, science, engineering and technology. (STEM) Here are 16 websites with great information on using LEGOs in the classroom.

20 Ways Teachers are Using Legos in the Classroom- a nice post from Edudemic

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy- guide to assist teachers in starting a robotics program

How Do You Store Your LEGOs?- see how other teachers keep their LEGOs in the classroom

How to Use LEGOs to Teach Pre-K To Third Grade- from eHow

LEGO Block Center- lesson plan about homes and community helpers

LEGO City Comic Builder- students can create comics using Lego elements

LEGO Education- lesson ideas form PreK through College; homeschooling included

LEGO and Education: Make a Lapbook- page also has other projects

LEGO Engineering- supporting STEM

LEGO Lesson Plans for Math and Science

LEGO Space- activities

Mathematics and LEGOs: Math Teaching Activities- PDF covers grades 1-10

Pre-LEGO Activities-presentations for middle school from Texas Tech University

STEMRobotics 101- class from Portland State has lessons which can be used in middle and high school

Using LEGO to Build Math Concepts- from Scholastic

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Have Your Students Tried Visual Note-Taking?

I am a very visual person, which is why I love using infographics in the classroom. Did you ever notice how your students take notes in your class? Here's a great video which discusses the art of visual note-taking. Thanks to Joyce Valenza for sharing on Twitter.


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