Friday, March 15, 2013

Make Your Own Shelf Markers!

If you have ever purchased shelf markers from one of the popular library vendors, you will agree that they are expensive and easily breakable. Did you ever think that making them yourself  (or letting the kids make them) would save lots of money? Take a look below and see if your library could use its own set of shelf markers. I have also included a video and PPT you can show young students.

Handy Library Sticks

Shelf Markers and Duct Tape- looks like a chocolate bar!

Shelf Markers From Paint Stirrers- love this idea!

Using Shelf Markers- PowerPoint for elementary school students

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  1. I used to have my students color a 5x7 index card. I'd paste their name and barcode on the other side and laminate them. They'd use their library cards as shelf markers. The 5x7 was big enough and laminated sturdy enough. Advantage was they couldn't leave the shelf marker behind because they needed it to check out. By coloring their pictures on the back, even the Kindergarteners could identify their own cards even if they couldn't read their own names.

  2. I like your idea! Kids always tend to forget their shelf markers in the stacks, so using it to check out is a good way to never lose them!! Thank you for sharing.



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