Friday, February 8, 2013

February is Black History Month: Have You Tried These 14 Resources?

The African-American Migration Experience- contains 8,300 images, 17,000 pages of texts and over 60 maps; this site is hosted by the New York Public Library.

African Voices- Africans talk about their lives and cultures; EXCELLENT SITE from the Smithsonian Institution.
African-American World-from PBS, this site has highlights such as the Kids section (with games and e-cards), and the Brainteaser Quizzes. There are related lessons plans for grades three through twelve.
Black Baseball-from Sports Illustrated, this site has a timeline from 1861-1947, when Jackie Robinson won the Rookie of the Year award.
Culture and Change:Black History in America- Scholastic's site has a timeline, jazz audio clips, and information on famous African Americans.
Enchanted Learning-find out information on African-American women in history, biographies on African-Americans, African-American inventors and inventions and many printable worksheets.
Fact Monster- biography, timeline, quotes from Martin Luther King Jr.
The History Channel-you will find African-American icons, great speeches, maps, video clips and more on this site.
Infoplease-loads of information here, including history and timlines, contemporary issues, special features, holidays, education, awards and quizzes and crosswords.
The King Center- established in 1968, the center was named for Martin Luther King Jr., a leader in the laregest nonviolent movement in American history.
MLK Online- this site is all about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., from his biography, to multimedia clips of his speeches.
Thomson Gale- biographies of famous African-Americans


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Webpage Deleted? I Don't Think So

When my students train for the Library-Media Council, I have them play a great shelving game called Order in the Library. In the last several months, it just disappeared from the University of Texas' site, apparently taken down by its creator. BUT.....those of you who know me are well aware that I don't give up that easily. I went to the Wayback Machine, which is part of the Internet Archive site. Since 1996, they have stored 240 billion URLs!  All you have to do is search your deleted site as seen below:

As for Order in the Library, my students are able to play the shelving game here thanks to the Wayback Machine. Remember: your students may "think" they deleted something, but it's still there......

The Truth About Driving and Cellphones

I don't understand it. People disobeying the law every day, talking and texting on their cellphones. One guy gave me the finger the other day and I was just staring at him, hoping that he realized what he was doing was wrong. I have my own theory why student drivers continue to text and drive; adults all around them are breaking the law every day. I pass adult drivers talking on the phone (some think that holding the phone with the speakerphone on is hands free) every single day to and from work and my commute is 25 minutes max. Here's the reality: if you text and drive, one day you will die in a car accident. The distraction of talking on the phone while driving (I have a Bluetooth hands-free device and try not to use it) is dangerous, plain and simple. Do you teach driver's education? Although I have previously posted resources , many of the one I haves below are extremely graphic. Trying to get through to your students? Some will be sickened by the images, others will laugh it off thinking they are immortal. At any rate, it is necessary to keep trying to get the message through---do not use your cellphone while driving. Although it is a very old movie,  Signal 30 tells it like it really is and shows actual accidents and dead bodies. It has been shown in countless driver's ed classes.

This video was produced by the Gwent Police in the UK.

Very Graphic Photos- accident shows body cut in half

Biology Teachers: Try These 32 Resources

I am trying to complete the page I have set up for science, so today I am adding biology resources. You can access all science topics by using the tab at the top. Did I miss something? Please let me know.


Biological Animations- from St. Olaf College

Biology Animation Library- from DNA Learning Center; about 15 listed

Biology Animations- currently 50 listed

The Biology Corner- worksheets, quizzes

Biology for Life- Skyline High School's excellent site

The Biology Project- from the University of Arizona; site is constantly updating

Biology Simulations- from the University of Colorado at Boulder; list of 23 simulations

Biology Questions- over 1,800!

Bozeman Biology- YouTube channel of videos

Cell Biology Websites

Cells Alive!

DNA From the Beginning- 75 animated experiments

Explore Biology- AP Biology assignments, lecture notes, presentations and more from Ms. Foglia

Hippocampus Biology- free help with biology homework; simulations, presentations from Khan Academy and NROCC

Interactive Biology- videos, quizzes (high school, college)

Meiosis Tutorial- from University of Arizona

National Association of Biology Teachers- general biology resource links

Principles of Biology- NING developed by Benton High School and MWSU

Rader's Biology 4 Kids

Teachervision Biology Resources

Thingdom- interactive game "Thingdom challenges students to select and breed 'Things' to bring out particular characteristics through inheritance."

Awesome Library- nice listing here of lesson plans

Biology 4 Teachers- lesson plans, PowerPoints and activities

The Biology Corner Lesson Plans- includes worksheets by topic, covers AP Bio as well

Biology Lesson Plans- from the Science Spot; includes Internet-based lessons

Free Biology Lesson Plans- for younger grades K-5

Free High School Biology Worksheets- PDF file downloads

Genetic Lesson Plan Ideas

High School Biology/Life Science Lessons- from Better Lesson

Share My Lesson- covers grades 9-12 biology classes

Teachervision Biology Lesson Plans- sort by grade level

TeAchnology Lesson Plans

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Science Teachers: Tyler DeWitt Shows You How to Make Class Fun

The teachers I remember most from high school were those who made class enjoyable. It was the boring ones whom turned me off to the subject matter; those who themselves weren't excited about the information they were sharing with their students. When I taught library skills for grades K-5, I was always trying to find ways to get my kids involved in the learning process, including allowing the kids to rap and break-dance while reciting the Dewey Decimal categories. Science teacher Tyler DeWitt shows how easy it is to get creative when teaching what could be a very boring lesson.


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