Friday, February 8, 2013

The Truth About Driving and Cellphones

I don't understand it. People disobeying the law every day, talking and texting on their cellphones. One guy gave me the finger the other day and I was just staring at him, hoping that he realized what he was doing was wrong. I have my own theory why student drivers continue to text and drive; adults all around them are breaking the law every day. I pass adult drivers talking on the phone (some think that holding the phone with the speakerphone on is hands free) every single day to and from work and my commute is 25 minutes max. Here's the reality: if you text and drive, one day you will die in a car accident. The distraction of talking on the phone while driving (I have a Bluetooth hands-free device and try not to use it) is dangerous, plain and simple. Do you teach driver's education? Although I have previously posted resources , many of the one I haves below are extremely graphic. Trying to get through to your students? Some will be sickened by the images, others will laugh it off thinking they are immortal. At any rate, it is necessary to keep trying to get the message through---do not use your cellphone while driving. Although it is a very old movie,  Signal 30 tells it like it really is and shows actual accidents and dead bodies. It has been shown in countless driver's ed classes.

This video was produced by the Gwent Police in the UK.

Very Graphic Photos- accident shows body cut in half

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