Monday, July 29, 2013

Where I Have Been the Last Month.....

Before the Internet and digital photography came into my life, I was a serious children's photographer and songwriter. My high school film making teacher helped me purchase my first SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) camera and showed me how to develop negatives and make prints in the darkroom. My songwriting began when I was ten years old (of course the song was only about a pet hamster) and I have written over 100 songs since. Perhaps you have seen the icon on the left side of this blog which is my CD for newborn babies, "Welcome to the World: A Musical Collection for the Nursery.  It is available on , CD Baby and iTunes. of my big summer projects was to spend time writing more music and possibly a children's musical. (Any good lyricists out there??)

Another thing which has been taking up my time is my photography. I've been taking classes trying to hone my skills and doing several photo restoration jobs. (I had a website but couldn't keep up with the work and a full-time teaching job)

(Photo of the 911 memorial was taken last October.)

No longer in the darkroom, I fell in love with Photoshop® when it was first released and spend many hours on my Mac. Here are some samples of the work I have done:

So, that's where I've been since school came to an end in June. I wanted to thank all my guest bloggers and fellow media specialists for keeping the blog alive. Oh, and thank all of you for allowing me to tout my songwriting and digital photography skills. Have a great summer everyone!

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