Friday, February 22, 2013

Sending Really Large Files? Here are a Dozen Free Sites to Choose From

Last week I received an email from someone who was looking to send a really large video file to another educator. I have personally used Google Drive to share really large photos and it has worked really well. But what if you have one file which is 5G? The free Google Drive account houses a max of 5G, which is usually enough for most people, but could create a problem for those with many huge files. The list below specifies the max file size you can send. up to 10G; view in 7 different languages

Bay Files- new features allows up to 5G in size

Box- up to 1G

DropSend- up to 2G

File Dropper- up to 5G file


Google Drive- your free account can store up to 5G

JustBeamIt- up to 2G file size

LargeFilesASAP- up to 2G

Send6- free and $$ plans; 250MB

WeTransfer- up to 2G

Zeta Uploader

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