Friday, February 22, 2013

It's All About the Book: When Controversy Gets in the Way

I am currently involved in book inventory, with weeding taking place simultaneously. Currently in the biography section, I came across Lance Armstrong's book entitled "It's Not About the Bike", which details his battle with cancer. Thinking about Mr. Armstrong's recent fall from grace involving steroid use, (and his decision not to cooperate with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's investigation of performance-enhancing drug use in cycling) I am trying to decide whether or not to pull his book from the shelf.  I found these opinions on the web:

Australian Library Puts Lance Armstrong Books in the Fiction Section

Lance, Lies, and the Library

Manly Public Library's Solution

What are you going to do in your school library? I am interested in your opinion!


  1. We had one short biography in our library. I decided to pull it. I figured more accurate information can now be found though our school's online databases. I did hesitate, but the nature of our school is to find the quick answer, and I didn't want this rosy bio to provide it!

  2. Controversy notwithstanding, I would have to scan the book and look at its content. If it has incorrect information because there are "facts" contained in the book that have been proven (or he admitted) to being untrue, then I would weed its inaccuracies just as I would any other book. I would not pull the book just because of controversy surrounding a figure.

    1. It appears that some of the "facts" are more "fiction" today....just sayin'

  3. I had one of his biographies and chose to weed it as I did other outdated biographies and/or books featuring what we now know to be misinformation.

  4. Have you thought about putting a QR code on it, with a link to timely, balanced, appropriate information? I've started doing that to some of my reference books. I know that every kid doesn't have access to QR technology, so I keep a few printed pages in my folders in the reference section.

  5. That is a wonderful idea, but I doubt that my students would use the code. I have had codes posted in the library and no one has used them. We also do not allow students to use their cell phones in class. I appreciate the suggestion.



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