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WOW! 100 Interactive Games, Lessons and Quizzes For Your Students

Hopefully you have been bookmarking sites you'd like to use with your students in the new school year. The collection on this page covers the main subject areas: Social Studies, Language Arts, Technology, Science, Math and Foreign Language. I could have continued on and on but thought at some point I needed to stop. Be sure and add any sites you like to use. I can always edit this page at any time. Enjoy!

Geography/ History
GeoGame- interactive geography game

Geography Hangman

Geography IQ-online world atlas "packed with geographic, economic, political, historical & cultural information".

HyperHistory Online- over 2,000 files covering 3,000 years of world history

InfoPlease Interactive Atlas- from Fact Monster

Learn About Finland- for grades 9-12; video clips & quizzes

Lewis and Clark- from National Geographic

Mr. Nussbaum's Social Studies Games- grades 2-5

The Oregon Trail- interactive site produced by History

Salem Witch Hunt- interactive from National Geographic

States Web Games- locate the state, place the state, state postal abbreviations, state capitals etc. Different levels.

Algebra Flash Cards

Algebra Matching

BasketMath Interactive- exponents (in Spanish and English)

Billy Bug- helps middle school kids learn coordinates

Billy Bug 2- a new quest for middle schoolers

Fish Tank-probability

Hitting the Target- learning angles through sports

Hooda Math Games- geometry, arithmetic, logic

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany & Puzzles- History of math, math glossary; GRADES K-12

MathCar Racing- integers

MathDork- view 10 of 24 lessons for free; animated algebra lessons

Motivating Math- practical math for people on the go

Mr. Nussbaum's Math Games- color coated by grade level; mainly for younger kids

Online Graphing Calculator- Java mathematical graphing system

Sumdog- free math games

Virtual Coin Toss-probability

Mind Games
Brainbashers-brainteasers, puzzles, riddles, games and optical illusions

Play With Your Mind-collection of original mind games and IQ tests

The Amazing Human Body

The Atoms Family- from the Museum of Science in Miami, FL

Edheads- virtual knee surgery, weather, machines

Gadget Anatomy- site has an Inventor's Toolbox

Human Body- for Middle School (6th,7th)

Science Stumpers- play against your classmates

The Virtual Body- site is in English or Spanish

Virtual Open Heart Surgery- from the Australian Broadcasting Network; very cool!

The Bully Roundup- online board game

Career Capture- explore stories of women who use technology

The Carnegie Cyber Academy- Internet safety

Click-n-Learn JR- parts of the computer (interactive learning)

Dance Mat Typing- 4 levels to practice keyboarding

Find the Technology- from ABCya; for younger kids

How Do Computers Work?- keyboarding, computer parts, using a mouse

Online Safety Quiz

Technology: Grades 3-6- from the Utah Education Network; games cover keyboarding, hardware/software and Internet safety
Three Cyberpigs- interactive story teaches young kids about Internet safety

World Languages
Digital Dialects- covers 60 languages

Language Games- choose from 5 different languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German

Language Gain- 10 different languages

Vocabulary Games

Friday, August 5, 2011

Here Are 88 Online Sites to Find Streaming Video

Looking for videos for your class? Let me rephrase that. Looking for free online videos to stream to your classroom? There is SO much out on the web which is free for the taking. This is a megalist of those places where you can find educational videos. 

American Memory Collection: Original Format- from the Library of Congress; primary sources

American Museum of Natural History- YouTube channel

American Presidents- life portraits, biographical facts, presidential places, key events in their presidencies Video Almanac
- events listed by decade

Conversations With History- 500 interviews

Digital History
- stories about American History

Documentary Film Network- currently 186 films

Ease History- over 400 historical events from 1900-present

FedFlix- free United States Government films free political documentaries

Have Fun With History

The History Channel-great speeches online

The National Archives - collaboration with Google

Reel American History- from Lehigh University's Digital Library

Snag Films- free full length documentaries

How-To Video
Adobe TV- tutorials for all Adobe products, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver

Graspr- "instructional video network"

HowCast- how-to videos

How Stuff Works

Learn It In 5- how-to videos; classroom strategies

Planet Photoshop- tutorials from NAPP guru Corey Barker

PupilTube- 35,000 how-to videos

Tech Tutor- 512 tutorials for software programs


22 Frames- captioned videos; long list of languages

Art Babble- videos on artists and types of art biographies on actors, musicians, historical figures, mobsters and more

Center for Digital Storytelling- videos of people and their personal stories

CosmoLearning- academic and extra-curricular subjects


DocumentaryZ- 24 categories;  includes 9/11, environmental, mystery, music

Dot Sub- "any video, any language"

Educational Videos- over 25 categories different $$ levels

Edutopia Videos- for all grades, teachers


Free Movies Online- comedies, mystery, drama, war

Frontline- from PBS

The Futures Channel- educational videos

Internet Archive- moving image archive

John Locker- free online documentaries

MonkeySee- student skills, how-to, careers/job advice

NeoK12- educational videos

Next Vista for Learning- understanding cultures, how to's and people making a difference in the world

Nonfiction Documentaries- about 170 on the site

Open Culture Free Movies Online- 380 available

PBS Video
- loads of full length videos

POV- documentaries with a point of view

Scholar Spot- videos for science, technology, politics and more

SchoolTube- import video from YouTube (see my guide in the right hand column)

Surf the Channel- search documentary section from A to Z; very long list

TeacherTube- upload your own video or watch other teacher videos

TedTalks- inspiring and thought provoking speeches

Top Documentary Films
- free documentaries online

ViewMyTV- free videos from over 180+ countries

Vimeo- 17 categories of videos, including education and DIY, science/tech and sports

WatchKnowLearn- free educational videos in 17 categories

The Week in Rap- from the creators of Flocabulary, weekly news is presented in the form of rap music

WGBH Open Vault- from the PBS station WGBH Boston

YouTube Education- if your school doesn't block it, YouTube has an incredible collection of videos

ABC News

CBS News

Clip Syndicate- news clips from various news stations in the U.S.

CNN Student News

C-Span Video Library- political

Current TV


Hulu- NBC News Time Capsule


New York Times Videos


Pop! Tech- "
a global community of cutting-edge leaders, thinkers, and doers from many different disciplines, who come together to explore the social impact of new technologies, the forces of change shaping our future, and new approaches to solving the world’s most significant challenges."

Reuters Video Index

Science and Math
Brightstorm- 2,000 free math videos

Davidson College Biology Department- videos on cells, DNA

Discovery Channel


Khan Academy

Math A Tube

Math TV- basic math, algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry

NASA Multimedia Gallery


National Geographic Webcasts- exploring the past, masters of photography, special programs, quest for adventure

NOVA Online-categories include: anthropology, disasters, earth, exploration, health, history, investigations, nature, physics and math, space, tech

PBS Nature Video Database- available in Windows media, Quicktime and RealPlayer

Teachers' Domain Multimedia Resources-earth/space science, engineering, life science and physical science

Untamed Science- biology, biodiversity

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Multimedia Gallery

Thursday, August 4, 2011

35 Social Networking Programs Other Than Facebook and Twitter

With the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, most of us don't realize that there are thousands of other social networking programs on the web. Teachers in my school have used Edmodo with much success. Although I can't guarantee that some on this list won't be blocked at your school, take a look and see if any of them interest you. Life CAN go on without Facebook and Twitter. Well, at least when you're in school.

Big Tent- members only site

Convofy- free account allows unlimited storage and users

CrowdVine- free account has ads

CubeTree- free edition allows microblogging, photo & link sharing and user profiles

Diipoincludes educator community, class roster, student blogs, upload files, links, resources and more.

Edmodo- social learning for classrooms; free

Everloop- safe site for tweens

Free Forums- many styles to choose from; 24/7 support

GroupieGuide- events pictures, discussion 70+ templates; make public or private; free plan allows 10 members and up to 100MB storage

Jabbster- share photos, event calendar; host discussions; free

Lefora-create a forum for free with any of the provided themes; post videos to the forum; 2GB storage

Minigroup- instant private groups

Mixxt- 1 GB space; ads on the free account pages

Ning- it used to be free, now the least expensive is Ning Mini, at $2.95/month

Papyrs- "build a personalized intranet"

Phile- create your own community

Posterbee- "discover-read-share-collaborate"

Posterous Groups- "the easiest way to post and share anything"

Qlubb- includes group calendar, invites, file sharing, group email

ShoutEm- $$ plans starting at $29.95/month/12 month subscription; recommended by PC World.

ShoutReel- record videos and share with friends and family

Six Groups- "turn your web site into a community"

SocialGo- free site has ads

Spokt- upload photos, share polls, post

Spruz- up to 50 members and 100MB space for free account

Stribe Community Network- embed a forum on your website

ThatsToday- shared calendar, files, messages

Toonti- create a custom social community

Twiducate- free social networking for schools; post discussions, homework

Voxopop- create a talkgroup for your classroom account allows 5GB of disk space, with a myriad of features, including blogs, photo albums, tags, forum, comment walls and more.

Wiggio- claims to be the easiest to use

Yaptime- share files, calendar, email postings

Fundraising This Year? Try These 37 Resources

During any given month in the school year, there always seems to be a fundraiser going on. As budgets decrease in size, schools will be resorting to more creative ways to raise money. The list I've put together for you covers everything from bracelets to gift cards. I personally have been using Amazon SchoolRewards for the past two years. It's a great fundraiser because no one has to buy that $2.00 bar of chocolate; they just shop at Amazon for things they were already going to purchase. Our library media center has used the money to buy new books.

ABC Fundraising Movie Ticket Fundraiser

All Fundraising
 -1200+ companies listed

Amazon School Rewards- students, staff, parent and people with your link can enter the site and when they make a purchase, your organization earns referral fees

America's Fundraising- discount cards, gift catalogs, scratch cards

TheaWRISTocrat- bracelets, tee shirts, backpacks, dog tags

Automobile Air Fresheners

Better Fundraising- fantastic school fundraising ideas

Big Event Fundraising- products, prize programs

Boxtops for Education- find them on many products

Buy For Charity- restaurant cards, gourmet cookie dough, flower bulbs

Easy Fundraising Ideas- very extensive listing

eFundraising- scratch cards, popcorn, lollipops, gift cards

ESC Promotions- fundraisers for specific activities and sports

FastTrack Fundraising- profit guaranteed

Fundraising Ideas and Products -from cookie dough to magazines!

Fundraising Ideas for Schools Using Print- calendars, posters

Maredy- cookies, candles, candy, school spirit tags

Morris Press Cookbooks- publish your own school cookbook

Nature's Vision- green fundraising ideas; hats, tee shirts, jewelry

Online Fundraising Tools- wiki from ALA (American Library Association)

Paperless PTO- website builder for parent-teacher groups; accept credit cards for fund raisers etc.

Sample Fundraising Letters

School Picture Fundraising- vintage photos of your kids

Step-by-Step Fundraising- ideas, strategies, videos

SpiritLine- bracelets, cheer gear, flags, key tags

Target's Take Charge of Education Program- get your REDcard and shop at Target; school gets a percentage

Top 5 School Fundraising Ideas- from USA Fundraising

Top School Fundraisers- snacks, smencils, candy bars

We Care! Coffee Company

WOW! Fundraising- 21 must see fundraisers

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Have You Tried Internet Projects in Your Class? Here are 24 Great Places to Start

I first learned about Internet projects when I took a class about technology integration. The teacher of the course, Dr. Donald J. Leu explained to us that Internet projects involve collaboration between classrooms, usually to solve a common problem. You can create your own project or join one of the many projects which have already started. Click here to view Dr. Leu's lectures on Internet project. (They are under part 3) See if you'd like to try any of the ideas below.

Benefits of Internet Projects

Bucket Buddies- students collect samples of water from local ponds

ePals Global Community- world's largest K-12 learning network

The Flat Stanley Project- younger kids really love this!

Global Grocery List Project- students share grocery prices

The Global Virtual Classroom- "collection of free, on-line educational activities and resources. It aims to complement the efforts of governments and education departments around the world to integrate technology into their classrooms and curricula and to link their schools to the information superhighway." find online expeditions, view photos & video gallery

GSN Internet Projects Directory- "the original clearinghouse for collaborative projects from across the globe - projects hosted by the Global SchoolNet Foundation, other reputable organizations, and outstanding partner projects conducted by teachers worldwide!"

Internet Project Ideas- good for junior high school students

Internet Projects- a list of seventeen links are on this page, including Thinkquest and  Sharing NASA

Internet Projects for Arithmatic- 9 ideas listed

Internet Projects for Kindergarten

Journey North- "Journey North engages students in a global study of wildlife migration and seasonal change. K-12 students share their own field observations with classmates across North America. They track the coming of spring through the migration patterns of monarch butterflies, robins, hummingbirds, whooping cranes, gray whales, bald eagles— and other birds and mammals; the budding of plants; changing sunlight; and other natural events. "

Kidlink Project Center- students design global and collaborative projects

Monster Exchange- "encourages the development of reading and writing skills while integrating Internet technology into the classroom curriculum."

My Hero Project- kids share stories about their heroes, from everyday people to famous people

Newsday- students write articles which they share with the world

Online Expeditions

Share a Historical Book Project

The Odyssey- students travel around the world and see what it's like to live in different places

Teacher's Guide to International Collaboration on the Internet- comprehensive site from the U.S. Department of Education

31 Web Sites to Teach You About Technology Integration

It's the 21st century and I'm sure your school district has been embracing technology. With budget cuts, however, can your school keep up with the need for new and updated computers? I work in Bergen County (N.J.) where we have the highest property taxes in the nation, and yet this fall I'm not sure whether or not our media center will see more computers for our students. (Thank you, Governor Christie) I know of districts where every student has their own laptop. Not where I am. Still, I try to use what we have to prepare our students for when they graduate and go out into the world. No matter what they will do in their career, whether it's an auto mechanic or a lawyer, they will need these digital skills. If you are still wary about technology, it is time to jump into the water. We don't want you and your students left behind.

 7 Ways to Increase Teacher Technology Integration in the Classroom

EdTech: Focus on K-12 Video Library- includes "The High Tech Classroom" and "IT Training"

How to Build a Technology-Based Curriculum- from Edutopia

How to Increase Tech Integration in the Classroom- written by Cheska Lorena, high school science teacher

Lesson Plans: Infuse Technology into Your Classroom- from EdTech

The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators- written by many teachers who love using technology

Teach Yourself to Teach with Tech

Teaching with Technology-wiki index covers documents, images, video and more

Tech and Learning Online- you can also subscribe (free) to their magazine

Technology Integration Best of 2010- from Education World

Technology Integration for Teachers- long list of ideas for classroom projects

Technology Integration Made Easy- from Education World

Web 2.0 Tools- my extensive listing of tools for Web 2.0

What Does Technology Integration Mean?- by Mary-Beth Hertz


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