Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fundraising This Year? Try These 37 Resources

During any given month in the school year, there always seems to be a fundraiser going on. As budgets decrease in size, schools will be resorting to more creative ways to raise money. The list I've put together for you covers everything from bracelets to gift cards. I personally have been using Amazon SchoolRewards for the past two years. It's a great fundraiser because no one has to buy that $2.00 bar of chocolate; they just shop at Amazon for things they were already going to purchase. Our library media center has used the money to buy new books.

ABC Fundraising Movie Ticket Fundraiser

All Fundraising
 -1200+ companies listed

Amazon School Rewards- students, staff, parent and people with your link can enter the site and when they make a purchase, your organization earns referral fees

America's Fundraising- discount cards, gift catalogs, scratch cards

TheaWRISTocrat- bracelets, tee shirts, backpacks, dog tags

Automobile Air Fresheners

Better Fundraising- fantastic school fundraising ideas

Big Event Fundraising- products, prize programs

Boxtops for Education- find them on many products

Buy For Charity- restaurant cards, gourmet cookie dough, flower bulbs

Easy Fundraising Ideas- very extensive listing

eFundraising- scratch cards, popcorn, lollipops, gift cards

ESC Promotions- fundraisers for specific activities and sports

FastTrack Fundraising- profit guaranteed

Fundraising Ideas and Products -from cookie dough to magazines!

Fundraising Ideas for Schools Using Print- calendars, posters

Maredy- cookies, candles, candy, school spirit tags

Morris Press Cookbooks- publish your own school cookbook

Nature's Vision- green fundraising ideas; hats, tee shirts, jewelry

Online Fundraising Tools- wiki from ALA (American Library Association)

Paperless PTO- website builder for parent-teacher groups; accept credit cards for fund raisers etc.

Sample Fundraising Letters

School Picture Fundraising- vintage photos of your kids

Step-by-Step Fundraising- ideas, strategies, videos

SpiritLine- bracelets, cheer gear, flags, key tags

Target's Take Charge of Education Program- get your REDcard and shop at Target; school gets a percentage

Top 5 School Fundraising Ideas- from USA Fundraising

Top School Fundraisers- snacks, smencils, candy bars

We Care! Coffee Company

WOW! Fundraising- 21 must see fundraisers


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