Thursday, August 4, 2011

35 Social Networking Programs Other Than Facebook and Twitter

With the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, most of us don't realize that there are thousands of other social networking programs on the web. Teachers in my school have used Edmodo with much success. Although I can't guarantee that some on this list won't be blocked at your school, take a look and see if any of them interest you. Life CAN go on without Facebook and Twitter. Well, at least when you're in school.

Big Tent- members only site

Convofy- free account allows unlimited storage and users

CrowdVine- free account has ads

CubeTree- free edition allows microblogging, photo & link sharing and user profiles

Diipoincludes educator community, class roster, student blogs, upload files, links, resources and more.

Edmodo- social learning for classrooms; free

Everloop- safe site for tweens

Free Forums- many styles to choose from; 24/7 support

GroupieGuide- events pictures, discussion 70+ templates; make public or private; free plan allows 10 members and up to 100MB storage

Jabbster- share photos, event calendar; host discussions; free

Lefora-create a forum for free with any of the provided themes; post videos to the forum; 2GB storage

Minigroup- instant private groups

Mixxt- 1 GB space; ads on the free account pages

Ning- it used to be free, now the least expensive is Ning Mini, at $2.95/month

Papyrs- "build a personalized intranet"

Phile- create your own community

Posterbee- "discover-read-share-collaborate"

Posterous Groups- "the easiest way to post and share anything"

Qlubb- includes group calendar, invites, file sharing, group email

ShoutEm- $$ plans starting at $29.95/month/12 month subscription; recommended by PC World.

ShoutReel- record videos and share with friends and family

Six Groups- "turn your web site into a community"

SocialGo- free site has ads

Spokt- upload photos, share polls, post

Spruz- up to 50 members and 100MB space for free account

Stribe Community Network- embed a forum on your website

ThatsToday- shared calendar, files, messages

Toonti- create a custom social community

Twiducate- free social networking for schools; post discussions, homework

Voxopop- create a talkgroup for your classroom account allows 5GB of disk space, with a myriad of features, including blogs, photo albums, tags, forum, comment walls and more.

Wiggio- claims to be the easiest to use

Yaptime- share files, calendar, email postings


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