Monday, August 29, 2011

What a Listing!!! Holiday Resources From September to June

Here's a list you won't want to lose! Resources for all the holidays celebrated from September to June. If you'd like to see any that I haven't listed, just let me know. 

***UPDATED   January 28, 2015

HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH  (Mid September-Mid October)
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage- from Scholastic
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month- Education World
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage- from BIO
Fact Monster's Hispanic Heritage Resources
Hispanic Heritage- book list from the Springfield City Library
Hispanic Heritage Biographies
Hispanic Heritage Month- US Gov. site
Hispanic Heritage Month 2011 Recommended Reading List- Florida Dept. of Education
Hispanic Heritage Resources For Teachers- from Teachervision
Hispanic Heritage Teaching Resources- from the Smithsonian
Lesson for Hispanic Heritage Month
National Hispanic Heritage Month- National Register of Historical Places

Animated Biography of Christopher Columbus- from the BBC
Beyond Columbus: Teaching the Lessons of 1492
Christopher Columbus: Fact or Fiction- worksheet with answers for the teacher
Christopher Columbus Videos- (4 ) from How Stuff Works
Christopher's Crossing- game for grades 3-5
Columbus Day: Native american Perspective
Columbus Day Crafts and Activities- from Enchanted Learning
Columbus Day Lesson- from; covers how Native Americans were treated
The Columbus Navigation Home Page- history, navigation and landfall
ESL Lesson on Columbus Day 
History Channel Videos on Columbus- (20) listed
Top 10 Things You Should Know About Columbus- from TIME
Walk the Plank- interactive game
Web Quest: An Adventure to the New World- grade 5

7 Halloween Themed Activities- from FreeTech4Teachers

Activity Village

Bat Flyers

Craft Stick Mummy

Enchanted Learning- small list of crafts

Family Fun- wonderful site with loads of ideas


173 Free Halloween Worksheets- from Busy Teacher

Halloween Coloring Pages- from Teachers Corner



Alien: Assembly Required- for younger kids; part of the Arthur site

Goosebumps Monster Maker- based on the R.L. Stine series Goosebumps, students drag and drop body parts to create their own monsters.

Make a Monster- simple interface for younger kids

Me Make Monster- easy to use; share or save the monster created or print it on a tee shirt, mug, bag or baseball hat

Me Make Zombie- students upload a photo and make it into a zombie

Monster Maker- select various body parts for your monster and control the width, height, texture and background

Playnormous Monster Gallery- choose eyes, nose, ears etc. and have your monster rated on the site; gallery currently has over 5400 monsters.

Tinkatolli- create a "Tinka"

Toonix- create a "toonix" on this colorful site; many choices to create

The Troop: Monster Creator- the premise is simple: students recreate the monster they saw by clicking and scaling body parts

Bizarre Halloween Recipes- do you have the nerve???

Gross Halloween Party Food- they look really gross!!

Kids' Turn Central- recipes

Teacher Planet's Halloween Lessons, Worksheets and Activities

TeacherVision's List of Halloween Resources for Teachers- printables, slideshows, lesson plans, activities and many subject areas, including math, social studies

American Indian Heritage Month- from Infoplease
American Indian Heritage Month- FactMonster
American Indian Heritage Month- from Scholastic
American Indian Heritage Month- from the Smithsonian
American Indians and Native American Teacher Resources- nice list of lessons, printables, quizzes and activities from TeacherVision
Celebrating American Indian Heritage
National American Indian Heritage Month
Native American Heritage Month- US Gov. site
Native Americans- from Education World
Online Native american Activities For Kids- from Apples4theTeacher


America Honors Its Veterans- slideshow from NBC

CNN's Veterans Day Videos

Experiencing History: Stories From the Veterans Day Project- from the Library of Congress

Fact Monster- Veterans Day resources


The History of Veterans Day

MSNBC Picture Stories

Remember Our Soldiers- for any grade; Education World

Remembering Our Veterans- for grade 7

Take a Veteran to School Day- from History Channel

Teacher Guide to Veterans Day- from TeAchnology

The Teacher's Guide to Veterans Day

TeacherVision's List of Veterans Day Resources- articles, lesson plans, printables

Teaching History- learning resources, teaching resources and quizzes

Tomb of the Unknowns- scavenger hunt

United States Department of Veteran Affairs- teacher resources

VA Kids, K-5th

VA Kids- resources for grades 6-12

Veterans Day- printables, resources from Education Place

Veterans Day- activities, lesson plans, worksheets

Veterans Day Clip Art

Veterans Day Crafts- from Enchanted Learning

Veterans Day Lesson- from EL Civics (ESL students)

Veterans Day Lessons- from Education World

Veterans Day Lessons from Scholastic

Veterans Day Lessons and Teacher Resources- from the Lesson Plans Page

Veterans Day Resources- this is a Livebinder with many links

Veterans Day Websites from ReadWriteThink- grade levels are marked

Veterans History Project- from The Library of Congress

Veterans Honored and Remembered- from the Wall Street Journal


AOK Teacher- coloring pages, arts and crafts activities
Apples 4 the Teacher- coloring pages with cute captions

Billy Bear for Kids-games, crafts, puzzles

Coloring Pages- choice of 10 different pages

Coloring Pages- choose from four pages

Coloring Pages- some are funny

Everything For Thanksgiving -

History of Thanksgiving Videos- from

Kids' Domain- coloring pages


The Pilgrim Hill Museum- located in Plymouth, Mass. recipes, cooking ideas, cards, graphics


Teacher Planet- lessons, worksheets, clip art

TeAchnology- Thanksgiving printable worksheets

Thanksgiving Crafts, Lessons and Activities

Turkey Hunt- play this game online; primary grades resource list

CHANUKAH (December)

AtoZ Teacher Stuff- coloring pages and crafts; sorted by grade level
Awesome Library- recipes, worksheets, activities

Billy Bear 4 Kids- crafts and games

Class Brain- coloring pages

ESL Holiday Lessons- has a few quizzes and fill in the blanks

Hanukkah- from; information and video

Hanukkah Activities, Projects, and Lesson Plans- The Teacher's Corner

Hanukkah Celebrations Around the World- slideshow

Hanukkah Word Puzzles, Printables

Hanukkah Worksheets-  some sheets are for members only; some are free

Hanukkah Worksheets- from SuperTeacherWorksheets

Internet 4 Classrooms- games, songs, stories

Kids' Domain- coloring pages

Menorah Lighting Slideshow

The Story of Hanukkah- from 13 edOnline's Teaching Heritage page

The Story of Hanukkah- printable worksheet fro grades 3-5

Teachers First- traditions, learn about the menorah, games

Teacher Planet- lessons and worksheets

TeacherVision's List of Hanukkah Resources- lesson plans, printables, quizzes, slideshows

TeAchnology-worksheets, songs, writing paper, workbooks

Yahoo! Kids- cards, recipes, history, stories, poems, games

CHRISTMAS (December)

10 Christmas Science Activities

A to Z Teacher Stuff- sort resources by age level

Christmas Around the World- long list of countries

Christmas K-3 Theme Page- from Enchanted Learning

Christmas Teacher Resources- from TeacherVision

Christmas Webquest- for younger children

Christmas Worksheets and Printables- from

Easy Christmas Crafts- from DLTK


K-12 Teacher Resources- nice listing includes lesson plans, worksheets, interactive online activities

Puzzles and Word Searches

Super Teacher Worksheets- includes puzzles and Christmas math worksheets

Teacher's Guide to Christmas Holidays- from TeAchnology

Teacher Planet-lessons, worksheets, clip art

The Teacher's Corner-how Christmas is celebrated around the world

Winter Holidays Around the World- from the Lesson Plans page

KWANZAA (December)

The African American Holiday Kwanzaa- from the Orange County Register

Apples 4 the Teacher- coloring pages

Class Brain-coloring pages

Kids' Domain- coloring pages

Kwanzaa Celebrations Across the Country- slideshow from the Washington Post

Kwanzaa Free Worksheets- Google search

Kwanzaa Lesson- from EL Civics (ESL)

Kwanzaa Lesson Plans- from TeAchnology

Kwanzaa Videos- from WatchKnowLearn

Teachers First- planning materials, fun, games

Teacher Planet- lessons, worksheets

What is Kwanzaa? - from Scholastic

MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY (January) biography of Dr. King

A Box of Crayons- lesson plan for primary grades, based on the book, The Crayon Box That Talked

Education World Resources

Exploring the Power of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Words Through Diamante Poetry- grades 9-12; from ReadWriteThink

I Have a Dream Speech Analysis Lesson Plan- from Flocabulary

Infoplease- covers biography, facts, timeline and activities

The King Center- "Established in 1968 by Coretta Scott King, The King Center is the official, living memorial dedicated to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."

King Papers Project- primary and secondary documents pertaining to Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Lasting Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.- interview with his daughter 

Library of Congress Resources

The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr- from FactMonster (younger kids)

Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Activities- from Lesson Planet

Martin Luther King Online- biography, speeches, (text) quotes, videos and pictures

Martin Luther King Quotes

Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Power of Non-Violence- for older students; from EDSITEment

Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute

NAACP- King's biography

NAACP Honors Dr. King's Legacy- includes links to speeches

Nobel Peace Prize: Martin Luther King, Jr

Printables and Worksheets- from Enchanted Learning; for younger students

Videos About MLK-

Visit the MLK National Memorial in 3D- Google Maps

Worksheets and Activities- from ABCTeach


China Coloring Pages- color or black and white printables

Chinese Dragons- lesson plan from Kinderart

Chinese Lion Paper Bag Puppet

Chinese New Year- activities, lessons, clip art

Chinese New Year- lesson plans, activities, printables

Chinese New Year: 2014

Chinese New Year Activities and Crafts for Preschool and Kindergarten

Chinese New Year Coloring Pages- from DLTK

Chinese New Year Crafts for Children- Pinterest board

Chinese New Year Games and Activities- from Apples4theTeacher

Chinese New Year Recipes- from Food Network

Chinese New Year Recipes For Kids- from Nick jr.

Chinese New Year Symbols- printables

Chinese New Year Teacher Resources
- from TeacherVision

Chinese New Year Traditions and Symbols- has lots of stuff here, including articles and videos

Chinese New Year's Celebration- coloring sheet for primary grades

Chinese Zodiac Coloring Pages- for ages 3-8

Crafts and Activities For Chinese New Year- from Enchanted Learning

Lions, Dragons and Nian: Animals of the Chinese New Year- EDSITEment lesson plan

Origami Dragon Puppet
The Teacher's Guide to Chinese New Year

Vocabulary, Games, Worksheets and Online Exercises- for ESL students

WatchKnowLearn Videos- filtered by age level


20 Great Websites to E-Learn About Black History

47 English and Social Studies Guides for Black History Month- from Shmoop

African Voices- Africans talk about their lives and cultures; EXCELLENT SITE from the Smithsonian Institution.

African-American History Month- site hosted by the Library of Congress, there is a section for teachers

The African-American Mosaic- from the Library of Congress

African-American Scavenger Hunt- grades 7-8

The African-American Migration Experience- contains 8,300 images, 17,000 pages of texts and over 60 maps; this site is hosted by the New York Public Library.

African-American World-from PBS, this site has highlights such as the Kids section (with games and e-cards), and the Brainteaser Quizzes. There are related lessons plans for grades three through twelve.

Black Baseball-from Sports Illustrated, this site has a timeline from 1861-1947, when Jackie Robinson won the Rookie of the Year award.

Black History- from; videos and photos

Black History Month Rap- lesson plan for students to create their own rap song; grades 3-12

Books on Black History Month- paperback or Kindle edition; over 5,000 listed

BrainPOP Spotlight: Black History Month- for grade 4 and up; lesson plans, quiz

Culture and Change:Black History in America- Scholastic's site has a timeline, jazz audio clips, and information on famous African Americans.

Enchanted Learning-find out information on African-American women in history, biographies on African-Americans, African-American inventors and inventions and many printable worksheets.

Encyclopedia Britannica's Guide to Black History Month- timeline, articles, biographies, images and videos

Fact Monster- biography, timeline, quotes from Martin Luther King Jr.

The History Channel-you will find African-American icons, great speeches, maps, video clips and more on this site.

Infoplease- loads of information here, including history and timelines, contemporary issues, special features, holidays, education, awards and quizzes and crosswords.

The King Center- established in 1968, the center was named for Martin Luther King Jr., a leader in the largest nonviolent movement in American history.

A Legacy of Black Talent- from CNN Interactive; honors a different person each day of the month

Lesson Plans Page Black History Month- lesson plans cover grades 4-12

MLK Online- this site is all about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., from his biography, to multimedia clips of his speeches.

Reading Rockets- Black children's authors, activities, events and much more here

Snag Films- documentaries

TeachersFirst's Resources for Black History- currently 58 lessons by grade level listed

TIME for Kids

GROUNDHOG DAY (February 2)
Crafts, Worksheets and Printable Books- from Enchanted Learning

DLTK's Crafts for Kids- lots of handouts for younger kids

Groundhog Day Activities- Pinterest board has a lot to choose from, including handouts, worksheets, posters, games, crafts

Groundhog Day Activities and Games- from Apples4theTeacher; nice listing

Groundhog Day Activities, Lesson Plans, Activities and Teaching Resources- from a to Z Teacher Stuff

Groundhog Day for the Classroom- NEA has a long list containing lesson plans, games, activities, resources

Groundhog Day Lesson Plans and Resources- from Edutopia

Groundhog Day Teacher Resources- TeacherVision's site has videos, printables, quizzes Yes, there is a site just about Groundhog Day! The activities here are for elementary school teachers, and include a groundhog newsletter and club.

ReadWriteThink- great lesson for grades K-6; includes links to other related sites and lessons for specific grades

The Teachers Corner- lots here: worksheets, resources, activities

Will He See His Shadow? Groundhog Day Activities- from Scholastic

VALENTINE'S DAY (February 14)

Abraham Lincoln Videos- from

Abraham Lincoln: Learning Games and Activities For Kids

Abraham Lincoln's Crossroads- interact with Lincoln

Activities, Worksheets and Crafts For Presidents' Day
- from Enchanted Learning

American Presidents- life portraits

Biography: Abraham Lincoln- full episode from

The Cherry Tree- from Apples4theTeacher; story about Washington and the cherry tree


Educational Videos on Presidents' Day- from WatchKnowLearn


George Washington- has videos, photos

George Washington Interactive- from the Smithsonian

George Washington PowerPoint Presentations

Happy Birthday Mr. President- online story for young children

Inside the White House- from National Geographic

A Kid's Heart-puzzles and games are here

Washington vs Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln: The Life of a Legend
Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.

Listen and Read: The Path of a President- from Scholastic

National Geographic- Abraham Lincoln video

Presidential Seal- download to color

Presidents' Day- list of activities, lesson plans, printables from A-Z Teacher Stuff

Presidents' Day Activities- from Education World

Presidents' Day Crafts for Kids- coloring pages, puzzles, tracer pages

Presidents' Day Fun- coloring pages, quizzes

Presidents' Day: A Life Lesson- from Edutopia

Presidents' Day Lesson Plans and Resources- from the Lesson Plans Page

Presidents' Day Primary Games

Presidents' Day Quiz- 10 questions; interactive

Presidents' Day Quiz- 10 questions; choose answers from drop-down menu

Presidents' Day Research Project-  for grades 1-2

Presidents' Day Teacher Resources- from TeacherVision

Presidents' Day Resource Page- Teacher Planet


The 25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century- TIME's list

African American Women Writers of the 19th Century

Afro-American Women's History Quiz

An Archive of Memorable Quotes by Women

Campaigners for Women's Rights- from Spartacus Educational; includes biographies, magazines, journals, campaign organizations and male supporters of women's suffrage

Celebrating Women in Technology- from Edutopia

Celebrating Women of Courage and Vision

Children's Encyclopedia of Women- written by 4th and 5th graders

Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement- from Duke University

Fact Monster

Famous Firsts By American Women- covers 1587-present; from Factmonster

The First Ladies- wives of the presidents

Franklin Institute's Women's History Hotlist- 29 items on the hotlist

Gender Gap- Wall Street Journal's charts show how women and men fare in the workplace, marriage, employment

Thomson-Gale's List of Biographies

Vietnam Women's Memorial Foundation

Women of Our Time- National Geographic's Twentieth Century Photographs Form the National Portrait Gallery

Women of Valor- trailblazing Jewish women

Women Who Changed History

Women Working, 1800-1930- Harvard University's Library's collection of books, pamphlets, journals, records, manuscripts and photographs

Women's History A to Z- scholars, scientists, teachers, talk show hosts, artists, athletes and much more from

Women's History Month- from EDSITEment

Women's History Month- from; videos, speeches, pictures

Women's History Month- from Time for Kids

Women's History Month for the Classroom- grades K-12 from NEA

Women's History Stories- Awesome Stories has a list of over 400 here!

Women's History Teaching Resources- from Smithsonian Institution

Women's History Timeline- from Middle Tennessee State University

A Woman's World- New York Times' interactive photo gallery with reader-submitted photos from around the world

A to Z Teacher Stuff

Education World- lesson plans and resources

Lesson Plans Page

Library of Congress- wonderful resources for teachers

Mr. Donn- social studies teacher's website

National Women's Hall of Fame

New York Times Learning Network


Scholastic- plans, activities, websites

Six Lesson Plan Resources for Teachers- from Edutopia

Teaching History's Women's History Month- primary sources, quizzes, lesson plans

TeacherVision- lesson plans, slideshows, printables, quizzes, resources

Vocabulary for Women's History Month- from Spelling City

Women's History Month Worksheets

Women's History Quiz- from

Word Search Puzzle


33 Ideas For Read Across America- printables and freebies

A to Z Teacher Stuff

The Art of Dr. Seuss

Batholemew and Oobleck

Cat in the Hat Jigsaw Puzzle-online game in English and Spanish

Cat in the Hat Printables

Crafts to Make- nice list from Family Crafts


Dr. Seuss Activities- for 15 Dr. Seuss books

Dr. Seuss Cloze Activity- from Enchanted Learning

Dr. Seuss Printables- from ABC Teach

Dr. Seuss Soundwords- playing with phonics and spelling

Just for KindergartenersMeeting and Reading Dr. Seuss- lesson plans for Dr. Seuss week

Math Stories: Dr. Seuss

Scavenger Hunt

Seuss Celebration Week- fun things to do each day of the week

Seuss Dude- board games, Dr. Seuss book club, lesson plans


Seussical the Musical- official site for the Broadway show

Teacher Planet- lessons and printablesTeaching Phonograms Through "The Sneeches" by Dr. Seuss- for first grade

The Virtual Vine- activities, websites, games related to Dr. Seuss' books

Who's Who and What's What in the Books of Dr. Seuss- downloadable glossary in pdf format

You've Got a Wocket Where?- lesson plan

PI DAY (March 14)
Activities and Links- from the Lesson Plans Page

Discovering the Magical Pi- lesson plan from TeacherVision; fro grades 6-8

Estimating Pi Three Different Ways-from the New York Times Learning Network

Exploring Pi- fro from Scholastic; grades K-8

The Irrational Webquest- from Math Goodies

Lessons and Activities- from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Lesson Plans and Other Activities for Pi Day- from Education World

Math Resources for Pi Day- from NEA

Pi Across America- activities, word problems

Pi Day- the official site offers tee shirts, videos, news and events

Pi Day Activities- Pinterest board

Pi Day Activities and Lesson Plans- from A to Z Teacher Stuff

Pi Day Fun- from the Mensa Foundation

Pi Day Teacher Resources- from the Lesson Planet

Pi Day Theme Unit- from edHelper; printables in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian

Pinterest Board About Pi

Teach π- "A one-stop Pi Day shop for teachers and number lovers"; activities, music,stories, people

Videos for Pi Day- from WatchKnowLearn; covers ages 7-18

ST. PATRICK'S DAY (March 17)

10 Things You Didn't Know About St. Patrick's Day- from TIME

A Brief History of St. Patrick's Day- slideshow from TIME

Facts, Pictures, Meanings and Videos- from

St. Patrick's Day Fast Facts: Beyond the Blarney- from National Geographic

St. Patrick's Day Clip Art

TeacherVision's Resources- includes articles, printables

The Three Leprechauns- animated story written by a ten year old boy named Billy

WatchKnow Videos- filter by age

A Day in the Life of a Leprechaun- from TeAchnology

Colleen and the Leprechaun- based on the book with that title

ESL St. Patrick's Day Lesson- from El Civics

ESL Vocabulary Quiz- fill in the blanks

Fun With the Leprechauns!- for first graders

Green Food Graph- from TeAchnology

PowerPoints for St. Patrick's Day

Shamrock Pattern- print and kids can cut it out and color it

Shamrock Spelling- grades K-2

St. Patrick's Day Crafts- nice listing of ideas

St. Patrick's Day Lessons and Irish Heritage Month Resources- art, language arts, math, science, social science and other areas for lessons

St. Patrick's Day Linky Party- many printables on this page

St. Patrick's Day Printable Fun

Talking Book About Ireland- created by a sixth grade class

Teacher Planet's Lesson Plans

Click and Drag Puzzles

Games and Activities- jokes, riddles, mazes, coloring book pages, matching games, much more

The Pot of Gold Game

St. Patrick's Day Hangman

St. Patrick's Day Matching Exercise

St. Patrick's Day Quiz


April is National Poetry Month!- from ReadWriteThink

Celebrate National Poetry Month- Scholastic

Different Types of Poems For Kids- site by teacher Kathi Mitchell

Favorite Poem Project- cosponsored by Boston College and The Library of Congress; people read their favorite poems

Infoplease- poetry quizzes, crosswords, famous poets, awards

Library of Congress Poetry Resources

Lit2Go- poems to download in MP3 format

National Poetry Almanac

National Poetry Month- teachers share their activities

National Poetry Month: Celebrating World Poetry- from EDUSITEment

National Poetry Month Resources

Poems For High School Students

Poem in Your Pocket Day- April 24

Poetry Everywhere- videos from the PBS Series

Poetry Lessons and Worksheets- from Teacher Planet

Poetry Month Ideas- LiveBinder

Poetry Resources For Teachers- from TeacherVision

Poetry Word Play Site- teacher resources

Reading Rockets- poets on poetry (video), learning through poetry, resources, lots more

ReadWriteThink- activity, websites and resources for all ages

Shape Poems- printable for grades 3-5

The Teacher's Guide Poetry Month Page

Useful Resources for Teachers and Students- from Edutopia

Passover Recipes- from the NY Times
Passover Resources- lessons, games, worksheets, activities, clip art
Passover Teacher Resources- from TeacherVision
What is Passover?- recipes, history, multimedia

EASTER (April)
A to Z Teacher Stuff- activities, crafts, poems, themes songs etc. are here
AOK Teacher Resources- recipes, history, coloring pages, mazes etc.
The Lesson Plans Page- games, lessons etc.
Teacher Planet- lesson plans and worksheets


10 Engaging Earth Day Activities for Kids- from Help Teaching Blog

22 Interactive Lessons to Bring Earth Day to Life- PBS LearningMedia

50 Earth Day Activities for Kids- from Tinkerlab

A to Z Teacher Stuff Resources

Billy Bear's Playground

Crafts for Earth Day

Earth Day-crafts, online games, clip art, puzzles, coloring pages and downloads are on this site.

Earth Day Activities: Helping the Environment- from apples4theteacher

Earth Day Activities for the Classroom- ten choices from Education World

Earth Day and All Days: 10 Ways to Learn About the Environment- from the NY Times Learning Network

Earth Day Groceries Project

Earth Day Ideas From My School to Yours- Huffington Post blogger and fourth grade teacher Ted Wells

The Earth Day Network

Earth Day Printables- from Play2Learn printables

Earth Day Teacher Resources- large listing of printables, lesson plans, activities, resources from TeacherVision

Earth Day Through the Years- from the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Earth Day Video Writing Prompts- from TeachHub

Earth Day Videos- WatchKnow

Earth's Birthday Project- activities, fun stuff, photos

Every Day is Earth Day- for younger children or ESL students

Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activities Book- download this 11 page booklet

History Channel- Earth Day resources

Planet Pals- clip art, magazines, earth poetry, eco books....

Population Education-lessons show how humans affect the environment; resource packets for all grade levels

The Science Spot- lesson plans and resources

Teacher Planet- lesson plans, worksheets, activities, clip art, videos, more

Think Green Guide- download PDF from Edutopia

Top 5 Earth Day 
Activities to Use in the Classroom

Using Google Earth on Earth Day- make sure the program is on your school computers!

A to Z Teacher Stuff- printables, worksheets lesson plans

Apples for the Teacher- crafts, word searches, puzzles and teaching ideas

Best Books For Teaching About Cinco de Mayo- from Education World

Cinco de Mayo- activities and fun, history

Cinco de Mayo Lesson Plans- grades K-8 from Scholastic

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

The History of Cinco de Mayo- for junior and senior high students

How to Make a Cinco de Mayo Pinata- step by step instructions are clear and easy to follow

Kiddyhouse- lesson plans, webquests, crafts, printables

Scholastic- grade level specific lesson plans and activities are here

The Story of Cinco de Mayo- from K-12 Teacher Resources Wiki

The Teacher's Corner- lesson plans and activities

Teacher's Guide to Cinco de Mayo- from TeAchnology

15 Mother's Day Cards- from Spoonful; you can save the templates if you sign up for an account

Children's Mother's Day Poems- includes rhymes for Mother's Day

Mother's Day Craft Project

Mother's Day Crafts- 9 projects listed

Mother's Day Crafts and Activities- from DLTK; includes, cards, puzzles, coloring pages, puzzles and much more

Mother's Day Crafts and Activities for Kids- from Danielle's Place

Mother's Day Mazes, Stories- download books (PDF) or read online

Mother's Day Memory Book Ideas- from eHow

Mother's Day Printables-  2 sets include word search, puzzles, word unscramble; second set HERE

Mother's Day Teacher Resources- includes worksheets, puzzles, activities; from TeacherVision

Paper Flowers Project

Pre-School Activities and Crafts

37th Annual Mother's Day Pow Wow- slide show about how Native Americans celebrate the holiday

151 Great Mother's Day Craft Ideas

Amazing Moms of the Animal Kingdom- TIME slideshow

The Best and Worst Countries to Be a Mother- interactive map

Cartoons About Mother's Day- from NBC News

Happy Mother's Day, Dear Dragon- early reader can read this story online

The History of Mother's Day- video from the History Channel

Meet the Founder, and Fighter of Mother's Day- story of Anna Jarvis, who founded Mother's Day

Mother's Day Gifts and Activities- from

Mother's Day Lesson- for ELL students

Mother's Day Lesson Plans- from the Lesson Plan Page

Mother's Day Projects- from Michaels

Mother's Day Teacher Resources- from TeacherVision

Mother's Day Videos- from WatchKnowLearn; for ages 3-18 (videos labeled by age level)

Mother's Day Worksheets- from SchoolExpress

Remembering Nana on Mother's Day- NY Times slide show


Teacher Guide to Mother's Day- from TeAchnology

Who Came Up With Mother's Day and Why?


7 Things You Didn't Know About Memorial Day- slideshow from TIME

10 Things to Remember About Memorial Day

16 Memorial Day Infographics to Honor Our Veterans- from

American Experience: War Letters

Best Books for Teaching About Memorial Day- from Education World

Cartoonists Honor Heroes- 22 different cartoonists

Face of the Dead- NY Times interactive

The Great Unknowns- NY Times

History Channel's Memorial Day Presentation

Honoring the Fallen- slideshow from CBS News

Honoring the Fallen- video from CNN

Interactive Timeline- from the Ocean City Register

The Meaning of Memorial Day- TIME for Kids

Memorial Day- Infoplease

Memorial Day- from Teacher Planet

Memorial Day Across America- from NBC News

Memorial Day Activities and Games

Memorial Day: Children Remember Lost Fathers- ABC News story

Memorial Day Crafts, Activities and Worksheets- from Enchanted Learning

Memorial Day Crafts Photo Gallery

Memorial Day Lesson Ideas- from Education World

Memorial Day Observations- slideshow from the NY Times

Memorial Day Quiz- interactive online quiz

Memorial Day Resources- from The U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs

Memorial Day Teacher Resources- long list from TeacherVision, including video, lesson plans, quizzes, puzzles, worksheets

Memorial Day Tributes Around the World- from TIME

Memorial Day Video Writing Prompts

Memorial Day Worksheets for Kindergarten- hundreds of choices

Teacher Guide to Memorial Day- from TeAchnology

Teaching Memorial Day- this is a Livebinder

The True Meaning of Memorial Day- from Dulcinea

Women in Uniform- slideshow from NBC News

The Betsy Ross Homepage- all about the woman who sewed the American flag
Flag Day- from AtoZ Teacher Stuff
Flag Day Activities For Kids
Flag Day Lessons and Teacher Resources- from The Lesson Plans Page
Flag Day Resources
Flag Day Teacher Resources- from TeacherVision


Best Books For Teaching About Father's Day- from Education World

Crafts for Father's Day

Father's Day- lessons, worksheets and activities

Father's Day Activities and Games

Father's Day Coloring Pages- from Apples4theTeacher

Father's Day Gifts, Crafts, Activities

Father's Day Lessons and Teacher Resources

Father's Day Resources- from Mrs. Jackson's Classroom

Father's Day Teacher Resources- from TeacherVision

Father's Day Video Writing Prompts

Happy Father's Day- from Billy Bear's Playground

Happy Father's Day: crafts, activities, coloring pages

Teacher Planet- lessons, worksheets and activities

Timeline of Father's Day History- from Infoplease
Top 7 Things You Need to Know about Father
Explore more visuals like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.

WatchKnowLearn Videos- about the holiday, how to make certain gifts


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