Wednesday, August 31, 2011

25 Places to Find Quotations

Looking to create great motivational posters for your classroom? Big Huge Labs has a free online program called Motivator. Simply fill in a few specifics, upload a picture and type in your text. Your poster is now ready to print. Below you will find a listing of 25 links to the best quotations to inspire your students.

75 Inspirational, Educational Quotes For the Classroom

All Great Quotes- search by topic or author; also special categories are: proverbs, special occasions, literary

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations- search over 11,000

Brainy Quote- search by topic, type or author

Education Quotes

Educational Quotes For the 21st Century

Education and Technology Quotes

Great Quotes- famous quotes, search by author, keyword

Mathematical Quotations Server- yes, mathematical quotations from A-Z

Memorable Quotations- U.S. Presidents

Memorable Quotations- very extensive listing by category; quotes from writers, astronomers, poets, lawyers, much more

Open Directory Listing- 5 categories and over 2,200 listings

Quotations Archive- search by quote

Quotation Reference- search by subject or author

Quotations for Creative Thinking- more than 50,000 quotes from 3,000 famous people

The Quotations Page- 26,000 listed here; 3,100 authors includes user groups listing

Quoteworld- over 15,000 quotations

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