Monday, February 29, 2016

Kiddle is NOT by Google and it's NOT SAFE: Here are Some Safe Resources

Yup. I too make mistakes. When I read about Kiddle on a Facebook page for librarians, I looked it up, read a review by Tech Times, and concluded this was a safe search engine for kids. Well, I have deleted that post because not only is the site NOT by Google, it is NOT SAFE. Take this search, for example, about "cougars":

I do not recommend using Kiddle as a safe search engine. Instead, feel free to use the following safe search engines with young children. (I checked a few other sites such as Kidtopia, but ads for "cougars" appeared on the search results page.


Kid Click

KidsClick!- designed for kids by librarians

SafeKids Quiz

Safe Search for Kids

The Ultimate Guide to Safe Online Browsing

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