Thursday, May 15, 2014

41 Places to Help You Find a Teaching Job

It's that time of year when students are graduating college and school districts are eliminating positions for next year. I am once again posting my comprehensive list of resources for teachers looking for a job. ( I work in N.J. so there are many links specific to our state)  Good luck!

Job Interview Tips
Anatomy of a Job Interview

Job Interview Questions- covers interview questions, interview guide, after the interview, salary negotiation, second interview

Job Search
10 Things Job Applicants Should Know- from the NY Times

Career Builder- search for all types of jobs on this site

Indeed- one search, all jobs

Jobs 4 Teacher- search by city, state or zip code

K12 site says they have served a million teachers and administrators in a year.......

K12 Jobspot- search by job title and state; when you pick a city it shows you how many positions from the drop-down menu; also shows the location on a map.

NJ Hire- search by job type, location or keywords postings are constantly being updated

NJ School Directory- all school web sites are listed by county; check employment opportunities on each site.

NJ School Jobs- search by county, specialty, school or date

Peterson's Private School Search- covers The United States and countries

Resources for Teaching Jobs- only ten states are listed here

Teacher Jobs- join for free; search the United States for a job. site says it lists jobs for 1775 districts and they are in partnership with the NEA.

Resumes and Cover Letters
The 25 Most Creative Designer Resumes You'll See This Year

38 More Beautiful Resume Ideas That Work
- from JobMob

Cover Letters- from Career Lab

Create a Free Teacher Portfolio

Got Resume Builder- build your resume online; download as a pdf, Word doc or text file

JobMob- 36 beautiful resume ideas

Resume Help- site has examples resumes

A Resume in Prezi

Resume Tips and Advice- from

Sample CV for Education Counselor- from CV Tips

Teacher Resume- from Microsoft online; you need MS Word to use this template

Teacher Resume- from Monster Worldwide, Inc.

Throwback Thursday #13: The SHHH

Libraries are known as very quiet places to read and work. Today, with makerspaces and computers, a lot of schools have adopted quiet areas and talk areas. Since my school added three classrooms (and teachers teach in the main room as well) our library is noisy, but not in a good way. Teachers in our small new classrooms can usually hear what is going on in the other two classrooms because the dividers do not go up to the ceiling. Plans are in the works to reorganize the district to ease the population in the junior-senior high school.  More to follow.



Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summer is Almost Here...And That Means Guest Bloggers Are Needed!

Last year I began using guest bloggers for the months of July and August. It gave me some time to spend on my photography and volunteer work. This year I am putting out another post in search of my fellow teacher-librarians to write about things that affect us in our daily jobs. I would love to hear from elementary, middle and high school teachers. You will get great exposure on the web, so think about it...deadline is June 7, 2014 to apply.

33 Sites About Memorial Day

This year, Memorial Day falls on Monday, May 26, 2014. Even though our school had a record number of snow days this winter, we are fortunate that the superintendent did not shorten our four day weekend. Memorial Day is the day we honor those who fought for our country, and a day our students should be made aware of, since our freedom is due to the sacrifices of our fighting men and women.

7 Things You Didn't Know About Memorial Day- slideshow from TIME

10 Things to Remember About Memorial Day

16 Memorial Day Infographics to Honor Our Veterans- from

American Experience: War Letters

Best Books for Teaching About Memorial Day- from Education World

Cartoonists Honor Heroes- 22 different cartoonists

Face of the Dead- NY Times interactive

The Great Unknowns- NY Times

History Channel's Memorial Day Presentation

Honoring the Fallen- slideshow from CBS News

Honoring the Fallen- video from CNN

Interactive Timeline- from the Ocean City Register

The Meaning of Memorial Day- TIME for Kids

Memorial Day- Infoplease

Memorial Day- from Teacher Planet

Memorial Day Across America- from NBC News

Memorial Day Activities and Games

Memorial Day: Children Remember Lost Fathers- ABC News story

Memorial Day Crafts, Activities and Worksheets- from Enchanted Learning

Memorial Day Crafts Photo Gallery

Memorial Day Lesson Ideas- from Education World

Memorial Day Observations- slideshow from the NY Times

Memorial Day Quiz- interactive online quiz

Memorial Day Resources- from The U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs

Memorial Day Teacher Resources- long list from TeacherVision, including video, lesson plans, quizzes, puzzles, worksheets

Memorial Day Tributes Around the World- from TIME

Memorial Day Video Writing Prompts

Memorial Day Worksheets for Kindergarten- hundreds of choices

Teacher Guide to Memorial Day- from TeAchnology

Teaching Memorial Day- this is a Livebinder

The True Meaning of Memorial Day- from Dulcinea

Women in Uniform- slideshow from NBC News

Monday, May 12, 2014

One of My Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes is About a Book Lover

"Time Enough at Last" was an episode from season one of the Twilight Zone, which told the story of a man and his passion for reading. The surprise ending is sure to elicit a discussion in your class. Although it first ran in 1959, it certainly could be adapted to take place today.

When Testing Takes Over the Library

Since Monday, April 28th, schools have been involved in testing. First was the ASK, which lasted for five days, and most recently, the AP exams. Our current student population has grown to a level which has made extra space non-existent.  A few years back, we lost one-third of the library space to three new classrooms, which are currently used by special education classes. We are bursting at the seams, and every time there is a need for a quiet testing place, the library is the first place to be chosen.

So this week and next week, the AP testing (about ten students each day) has put the entire school body on an alternate schedule. Classes have been moved to locations which are noisy, (more than one class) and students who need to print papers or work on a computer are out of luck. (There are students in my district who don't own a computer.) The AP schedule runs two weeks, ending this Thursday, but this media specialist has lost valuable time to accomplish her many year-end jobs.

My office counter space is very small. The door is closed. White paper is placed on the windows so I can't see out and no one can see in. The stacks are unavailable to me. No inventory checks, no book filing or shelf reading. The portable book return has been outside the library since testing began in April, but only four books have been returned: three were on time and one belonged to the public library. To my surprise, I also found an apple (not eaten) in the box. Really?

I have spent this morning showing up at various classrooms looking for students and their books. Next I will be collecting fines, my year-end "fun". And speaking of fun, here's a list of 11 Ridiculously Overdue Library Books  (That Were Finally Returned) which you'll find unbelievable. I've also added some signs are cartoons to help you at this time of the year as you close down for the summer. Grin and ignore the stuff you have no control over; that's my mantra.


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