Monday, May 12, 2014

When Testing Takes Over the Library

Since Monday, April 28th, schools have been involved in testing. First was the ASK, which lasted for five days, and most recently, the AP exams. Our current student population has grown to a level which has made extra space non-existent.  A few years back, we lost one-third of the library space to three new classrooms, which are currently used by special education classes. We are bursting at the seams, and every time there is a need for a quiet testing place, the library is the first place to be chosen.

So this week and next week, the AP testing (about ten students each day) has put the entire school body on an alternate schedule. Classes have been moved to locations which are noisy, (more than one class) and students who need to print papers or work on a computer are out of luck. (There are students in my district who don't own a computer.) The AP schedule runs two weeks, ending this Thursday, but this media specialist has lost valuable time to accomplish her many year-end jobs.

My office counter space is very small. The door is closed. White paper is placed on the windows so I can't see out and no one can see in. The stacks are unavailable to me. No inventory checks, no book filing or shelf reading. The portable book return has been outside the library since testing began in April, but only four books have been returned: three were on time and one belonged to the public library. To my surprise, I also found an apple (not eaten) in the box. Really?

I have spent this morning showing up at various classrooms looking for students and their books. Next I will be collecting fines, my year-end "fun". And speaking of fun, here's a list of 11 Ridiculously Overdue Library Books  (That Were Finally Returned) which you'll find unbelievable. I've also added some signs are cartoons to help you at this time of the year as you close down for the summer. Grin and ignore the stuff you have no control over; that's my mantra.

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