Friday, February 14, 2014

Time for the Google Science Fair 2014

It's now the 4th year of the Google Science Fair, and students who are 13-18 years old are encouraged to enter. In partnership with Virgin GalacticScientific AmericanLEGO Education and National Geographic, this competition has seen incredible inventions, including a battery-free flashlight,  and an anti-flu medicine. Deadline is May 12, 2014. Here's a video clip of 17 year old Eric Chen, who is working on an anti-flu medicine.

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34 Lessons, Games and Resources for Language Arts Teachers

Currently, Language Arts teachers have their own tab at the top of this page, with resources on Digital Storytelling, Shakespeare and Poetry. Today I have updated the list to also have lesson plans and resources for all grade levels. The most recent list is below. As always, please share your additions by commenting below.

10 Great Language Arts Lessons- from We Are Teachers; 

Discovery Education Lesson Plans-covers grades 9-12; over 500 listed!

English and Language Arts-Based Lesson Plans-the Lesson Plans Page; grades noted when you choose the lesson

Growing Up With Crayons-lesson for upper elementary/middle school level; from EBSCO

Interactive Whiteboard Activities- from Scholastic; grades K-9

Language Arts Lessons- from ReadWriteThink; covers K-12 (grades are labeled)

Language Arts Lesson Plans-from TeAchnology

Literature and Language Arts Lessons- from EDSITEment; grades K-12

PBS Learning Media-covers English Language Arts and Literacy; all grades; choose from many subcategories

Smithsonian Education-varied topics cover grades K-12

Spelling City Lesson Plans- vocabulary; videos, worksheets, games

Teachit Lesson Plans- vast number of resources!

Top 25 Lesson Plans for 2011- from Thinkfinity; grades are labeled- K-12

Cliche Finder- 3,300 index cliches

Common Core English Language Arts Resources- from ShareMyLesson

Curriki's Language Arts Resources-small listing covers all grades

English ELA Review Games- pick your grade level

Funbrain Game Finder

Grammar, Usage and Mechanics- from Writer's Choice; grade 9

Guide to Grammar and Writing- over 400 references

Hemingway- students can analyze their writing with this app

Integrating Technology into the Language Arts classroom

Language Arts for Middle and High School- long listing

Language Arts Games on Gamequairium

Middle School Reading Interactives- listing includes language interactives, grammar help, general comprehension stories and much more

Online Language Arts Games- from TeacherVision

PicLits- inspired picture writing

Popular Technology Resources for Reading and Language Arts- covers K-12; from TeacherVision

Powerpoint Presentations on Authors- for grades K-6

Reading, Writing, Grammar- Mr. Donn's extensive site is loaded with resources for K-12

Teaching English as a Language- from Web English Teacher; links for ELL and ESL teachers

We Are Teachers- reading, grammar, spelling vocabulary

Writing Prompts- huge listing of resources!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday Begins Today!

So many things have changed in our profession; the card catalog is a thing of the past. Computers now handle everything from book circulation to inventory, and when the electrical power or Internet fails us, work comes to a standstill. Beginning today and every Thursday after, I will be posting cool photos and graphics from yesteryear. Please share your own photos and links below.

I am going to add this poster to my retro library poster collection!

Elvis Presley took out this book in 1948 when he was in 8th grade!

Really tall card catalog, or short librarian?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why We Need Libraries...

I saw this video on Larry Ferlazzo's website about the importance of libraries. It will move you for sure. Please share with other librarians.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Enseignez-Vous FRANÇAIS? Voici 21 Places Pour Trouver des Ressources

When I attended elementary school in New York City, I was placed in French classes in 4th grade. Didn't have a choice. Some of us went to Spanish class and some went to French. So began my 8 years of study, which ended in 11th grade, when it became too hard and I just gave up. Today, as a media specialist teaching in a 7-12 public school with a large Hispanic population, the subject of French was recently dropped from our curriculum. As I work to complete the World Languages page on this blog, (Spanish and Italian are done) here are my choices for the best sites for teaching French.

American Association of Teachers of French

Chez Renee

eTools for Language Teachers- site caters to beginner French

French Newspapers and Magazines- from ipl2

Le Figaro- online news, sports, French culture

Le Monde- newspaper

Nice Matin- daily news of the French Riveria, Cote D'Azur, Var and Corse

Radio France

TV5Monde- grammar and vocabulary


Digital Dialects: French Language- interactive games include these subject areas: colors, clothing, food, verbs, numbers, animals and much more

French Bingo Games- Hello,World lets you choose from many different categories, including clothing, animals, food, birds, school, home

French Lesson Plans- from TeAchnology; nice listing

French Lesson Plans- from ShareMyLesson

French Lesson Plans and Resources

French Lesson Plans for Secondary Grades 6-12- from BigHub Education

French Teacher Resources- from Lesson Planet

French Word Searches

Fun Learning French Games

Interactive French Lessons- from the BBC; students learn primary French

Les Chevaliers du Château des Champions- French teacher shares students' work; shares lessons and resource link

Step-by-Step French Lessons - for younger learners

Monday, February 10, 2014

Middle School and High School Teacher Librarians: I Need Your Help

I've always known that my library budget was very limited, but I would like to work on getting more money. (Wouldn't we all?) In order to have the facts on my side, I need you to take a quick anonymous survey. Once I have enough information, I will use it to campaign for more money. Thank you for taking a moment to help out.

Valentine's Day is February 14th: 36 Websites to Share the Love

Elementary school teachers take note: your search for ideas and activities has ended. I have collected a list of worksheets, activities, puzzles, games and coloring pages to celebrate Valentine's Day. Certain items apply just to K-2 students.

A to Z Teacher Stuff Valentine's Day Resources

Activities For Valentine's Day- nice list from Internet4Classrooms

HotChalk Lesson Plans Page- lesson plans and resources for Valentine's Day; many class subject areas covered

How to Make a Heart Pocket

Jan Brett Valentine Selections- from the author

One Heart, Two Hearts- a Valentine's Day book

St. Valentine's Day Resource Page- from Teacher Planet

Valentine Reading for Kids

Valentine's Day- from Education World

Valentine's Day- math problems from the Franklin Institute

Valentine's Day Chemistry

Valentine's Day Crafts- also has recipes; nice list

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids- from Danielle's Place

Valentine's Day Ideas- from Kinderteacher

A Wrinkled Heart Activity- for kindergarten

Sunday, February 9, 2014

New to This Blog? Here Are the Top 10 Posts So Far.......

If this is the first time you our visiting the blog, welcome. My name is Julie Greller, and I'm a media specialist for grades 7-12 in a New Jersey public school. I'm always trying to find great free resources for K-12 teachers, and keep an especially large collection for my fellow school-librarians/media specialist. (Check out the tab at the top) Below you will find a list of the top ten posts I have made since I started the blog here three years ago. Feel free to drop me an email if you are looking for specific resources you don't see here. My email is cybrarian77 AT gmail DOT com.

1. 39 Sites For Using iPad in the Classroom

2. 35 Social Networking Programs Other Than Facebook and Twitter

3. 10 Places to Find Back to School Templates

4. 64 Sites for Digital Storytelling Tools and Information

5. 10 Resources for Book Report Templates

6. 24 Places to Find Bulletin Board Display Ideas

7. Why Not Use Political Cartoons in Your Teaching? Here Are 15 Places to Find Them

8. Thousands of Science Fair Project Ideas! Find Them on These 25 Web Sites

9. 44 Things That Are All About Dewey (The Dewey Decimal System, That Is)

10. Let's Teach Our Children About Copyright: 15 Sites Which Can Assist You

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