Thursday, October 16, 2014

Still Using Scantrons? Why Not Try Google Forms and Flubaroo!!

Today I bumped into a colleague of mine who was looking for the building's Scantron machine to grade a test. When I asked him if he had ever used Google forms to self-grade his quizzes, he told me he had never heard of it. The great thing was that he was open to learning about Google forms and Flubaroo. So for those of you out there who want to move away from Scantron forms and step into the 21st Century, here are a bunch of tutorials to help you on your way. This one's for you, Larry!!

Brent Coley- there are 5 videos which take you step-by-step, including creating, editing, analyzing/sharing, adding images, and creating a self-grading quiz with Flubaroo. Everything you need on one page.

Make Your Own Online Quizzes and Let Flubaroo Do the Grading- from ISTE

Self-Check Quiz Templates-  5,10,15,20 question samples from Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers

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