Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Augmented Reality: 33 Resources About Using it Education

According to Webster's Dictionary, augmented reality is "an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device (as a smartphone camera); also :  the technology used to create augmented reality."  Think of it as a type of virtual reality, using the computer to copy your world. You are probably familiar with a tool created by Google which falls into this category: Google Glass. Although augmented reality has existed for a long time, we as teachers are only now grasping how to use it in the classroom. Let's take a look below.

Updated 2/9/18

5 Uses of Augmented Reality in Education- from Free Technology for Teachers

7 Things You Should Know About Augmented Reality- from Educause Learning Initiative

8 Excellent Augmented Reality Apps for iPad- from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

10 Free Augmented Reality Apps to Use With Secondary Students- from Norm's Teacher Blog

10 Free Augmented Reality Apps to Use With Secondary Students Part Two- not all are free, but not expensive

20 Ways to Use Augmented Reality in Education- from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

32 Augmented Reality Apps for the Classroom

Anatomy 4D- iPad and iPhone app which "allows viewers to understand and interact with complex information with unprecedented ease, speed, and depth."

Augment- app for Android and iPhone; "visualize your 3D models in augmented reality

Augmented Reality Brings New Dimensions to Learning- from Edutopia

Augmented Reality: Coming to a School Near You?

Augmented Reality: The Coolest Instructional Technology You Haven't Heard Of?- from Emerging EdTech

Augmented Reality Helps Kids Learn- from eSchool News

Augmented Reality in Education- slideshow

Augmented Reality Livebinder

Augmented Reality on Pinterest

Augmented Reality with Aurasma

Aurasma Tutorials- from Two Guys and Some iPads

The Beginner's Guide to Augmented Reality- from Edudemic

coIAR Uses Augmented Reality to Bring Your Kid's Drawing to Life- from TechCrunch

Common Craft Explains Augmented Reality- video

Elements 4D- print the paper block from this template

The Future of Augmented Reality Apps

The Future of Technology is Here, and It's Called Augmented Reality

The Google Glass Experiment- from Edudemic

How Augmented Reality Works- from How Stuff Works

How to Start Using Augmented Reality in the Classroom- from Edudemic

How to Use Augmented Reality in the Classroom

How to Use Augmented Reality in Your Classroom- Erin Klein (Kleinspiration) explains how she uses Aurasma with augmented reality.

Meaningful Integration of Augmented Reality in Education- lesson plans and ideas from Two Guys and Some iPads

QR Codes and Augmented Reality- 21 things do do with iPads

Zooburst: Augmented Reality 3D Pop-Up Books for Students and Teachers


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