Monday, March 3, 2014

Iditarod 2014: The Race is On!

It began yesterday. The 2014 Iditarod teams left Willow, Alaska headed towards Nome. The temperature at the start was 30 degrees, a rather "warm" atmosphere for the 1,100 mile race. This is the 42nd Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, and I thought that students would love to learn about the event. 

Classroom Lesson Ideas- from the official site's educational portal

Discovery Channel Videos- 31 to choose from here

Iditarod 2014 is the Mushiest Event of the Year

Iditarod Activities and Lesson Plans- from the Teacher's Corner

Iditarod in the Classroom- NEA's list for grades K-12

Iditarod: Race Across Alaska- resources from Scholastic

Iditarod Teacher on the Trail- this year's teacher provides lessons in science and math in addition to stories from the race

Lessons and Activities- from the official site's educational portal

Meet Gary Paulsen- a Scholastic interview with the author, who was a musher in the 2000 race

The Mushers- a listing of the men and women who are guiding the dogs on the tail.

The Official Iditarod Website

Photos: 2014 Iditarod Ceromonial Start

TeacherVision Iditarod Resources

Other videos in this series can be found HERE.

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