Saturday, February 8, 2014

41 Presidents' Day Sites For Your Classes

If you teach grades K-8,  I hope that you have utilized the mega holiday resources  I originally posted back in August 2011. This list covers September through June and is constantly updated. Today's post on Presidents' Day can also be found on the megalist.

Abraham Lincoln Videos- from

Abraham Lincoln: Learning Games and Activities For Kids

Abraham Lincoln's Crossroads- interact with Lincoln

Activities, Worksheets and Crafts For Presidents' Day
- from Enchanted Learning

American Presidents- life portraits

Biography: Abraham Lincoln- full episode from

The Cherry Tree- from Apples4theTeacher; story about Washington and the cherry tree

Educational Videos on Presidents' Day- from WatchKnowLearn

George Washington- has videos, photos

George Washington Interactive- from the Smithsonian

George Washington PowerPoint Presentations

Happy Birthday Mr. President- online story for young children

Inside the White House- from National Geographic

A Kid's Heart-puzzles and games are here

Washington vs Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln: The Life of a Legend
Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.

Listen and Read: The Path of a President- from Scholastic

National Geographic- Abraham Lincoln video

Presidential Seal- download to color

Presidents' Day- list of activities, lesson plans, printables from A-Z Teacher Stuff

Presidents' Day Activities- from Education World

Presidents' Day Crafts for Kids- coloring pages, puzzles, tracer pages

Presidents' Day Fun- coloring pages, quizzes

Presidents' Day: A Life Lesson- from Edutopia

Presidents' Day Lesson Plans and Resources- from the Lesson Plans Page

Presidents' Day Primary Games

Presidents' Day Quiz- 10 questions; interactive

Presidents' Day Quiz- 10 questions; choose answers from drop-down menu

Presidents' Day Research Project-  for grades 1-2

Presidents' Day Teacher Resources- from TeacherVision

Presidents' Day Resource Page- Teacher Planet

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