Wednesday, January 29, 2014

February 2nd is Groundhog Day: Hundreds of Things to Do

We all know that the Super Bowl is this Sunday, but it also Groundhog Day. This post is probably just for K-6 teachers and will be added to the holiday collection of resources here. I will be adding to that mega list whenever a holiday pops up on the calendar. How's the weather where you are? In New Jersey, we are experiencing the coldest temps in twenty plus years. That's why I am sure that the groundhog will see his shadow and retreat, giving us a longer winter. Here's a list of cool lessons and activities for Groundhog Day.

Crafts, Worksheets and Printable Books- from Enchanted Learning

DLTK's Crafts for Kids- lots of handouts for younger kids

Groundhog Day Activities- Pinterest board has a lot to choose from, including handouts, worksheets, posters, games, crafts

Groundhog Day Activities and Games- from Apples4theTeacher; nice listing

Groundhog Day Activities, Lesson Plans, Activities and Teaching Resources- from a to Z Teacher Stuff

Groundhog Day for the Classroom- NEA has a long list containing lesson plans, games, activities, resources

Groundhog Day Lesson Plans and Resources- from Edutopia

Groundhog Day Teacher Resources- TeacherVision's site has videos, printables, quizzes Yes, there is a site just about Groundhog Day! The activities here are for elementary school teachers, and include a groundhog newsletter and club.

ReadWriteThink- great lesson for grades K-6; includes links to other related sites and lessons for specific grades

The Teachers Corner- lots here: worksheets, resources, activities

Will He See His Shadow? Groundhog Day Activities- from Scholastic

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