Friday, October 11, 2013

15 Columbus Day Resources


Animated Biography of Christopher Columbus- from the BBC
Beyond Columbus: Teaching the Lessons of 1492

Christopher Columbus: Fact or Fiction- worksheet with answers for the teacher

Christopher Columbus Videos- (4 ) from How Stuff Works

Christopher's Crossing- game for grades 3-5

Columbus Day: Native american Perspective

Columbus Day Crafts and Activities- from Enchanted Learning

Columbus Day Lesson- from; covers how Native Americans were treated

The Columbus Navigation Home Page- history, navigation and landfall

ESL Lesson on Columbus Day

History Channel Videos on Columbus- (20) listed

Infographic on Christopher Columbus- interesting take on the explorer
Top 10 Things You Should Know About Columbus- from TIME

Walk the Plank- interactive game

Web Quest: An Adventure to the New World- grade 5

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