Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How Do You Motivate Teachers to Use Technology?

It is great time to be alive. Technology is constantly changing the way we do things, making it easier than ever to stay organized. I have always embraced change, but there are many teachers who are still resistant. It's hard to sell technology without one key ingredient: reliable Internet access. Without the necessary bandwidth, any talk of a 1:1 initiative is impossible. At my school, we have been promised an upgrade this summer, but I'm still wondering how to push that motivation into overdrive in September. I found several resources online and hope you will share your own stories in the comments section.

11 Reasons Teachers Are Not Using Technology- post by John Spencer

Encouraging Teacher Technology Use- from Education World

A Few Ways to Motivate Teachers to Use Tech- from Larry Ferlazzo

How Can We Motivate Our Teachers to Use Technology?- EdTech Chic's posting includes links to technology newsletters.

If Technology Motivates Students, Let's Use It- from Edutopia
Technology Incentives: Motivating Teachers to Attend Professional Development Training

Understanding Tech-Savvy Teachers: Identifying Their Characteristics, Motivation and Challenges- 20 page PDF file

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  1. There's also "How to Get Hesitant Teachers to use Technology" at PLP Voices



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