Friday, March 1, 2013

40 Websites For Physical Education Teachers

The New PE Curriculum: An Innovative Approach to Teaching Physical Fitness- from Edutopia 

PE Goes High-Tech- from Mindshift

The Tech Savvy PE Teacher- blog by Shayna Fastovsky

(Body and Mind)- info from the CDC on diseases, physical activity, food and nutrition, your life, your  body

Eating Out: From Bad to Worse- infographic

Heath Education Curriculum Grades K-5- includes handouts and lessons

Health Teacher- health lessons

How Healthy is Your City?- 40 web apps and infographics

Human Reproductive System

National Institute on Drug Abuse

The Scrub Club- teaches kids how to wash their hands

Secrets of Sleep Quiz

Solusville- fun food games for younger children

Sugar Stacks- shows how many sugar cubes are in various foods and drinks

Your Guide to the Female Reproductive System

Awesome Library Lesson Plans

Education World Physical Fitness- activities and lesson plans

EMTECH Lesson Plans
- nice listing

Female Reproductive System Lesson Plans

Health Teacher- health lessons

Lesson Plan Search- covers grades PreK-12

Male Reproductive System Lesson Plans- from the Lesson Corner

PBS Teachers Health and Fitness- lessons, quizzes cover grades K-12

TeAchnology Health Lesson Plans

TeAchnology Physical Education Lesson Plans

Teen Health- 10 activities

20 Movement Activities and Games for Elementary Classrooms

Computers and Phys Ed Do Mix- article from Education World

Daily Physical Education Activities and Games

FitnessGram-Activity and fitness assessment, reporting, tracking

Game Ideas- from CanTeach; K-5

iPad Apps for Physical Education- from phys ed teacher in the UK

Lower School Physical Education

PE Central- "the premier site for health and physical education"

Physical Education Game Ideas- broken down by grade level

Real Indoor- use Google Street view while you pedal on a stationary bike; virtually pedal wherever you want in the United States

Susan's PE Site- activities, lessons, PE sites

Technology Integration Resources- Nova Scotia schools; for middle school

Technology Integration Strategies- by Chip Flemmer

Why Motor Skills Matter

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