Friday, September 21, 2012

Places to Personalize Your Shortened URLs

I'm sure many of you have used URL shorteners when posting on Twitter. But what if you want to place a web address on a banner, poster or sign which is easy to remember? In my school, I advertise our School Rewards account with a banner I got from VistaPrint. I wanted to make sure people could remember the shortened URL, so I personalized it through doiop. What started with a long address ( ) became . What a difference. The sites below will allow you to personalize your long URLs:

Click on "custom link" on Cligs to create your personalized URL ending.

 I've used doiop before and it's very easy to personalize allows you to enter the address to compress, then choose "further options/shorten URL"

Make a long URL notlong.

Snip sites easily with SNIPURL; also make site private be entering a code at the end of the address. lets you manage your URL with stats; very easy to personalize.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

P.A. : What Not to Say to a Teacher

I saw this on the blog Techie Bytes and had to share it with all of you. True and a funny.

37 Resources: The 2012 Presidential Election

 My niece turns 18 in December. Too bad for her, because now she won't be able to vote in a presidential election for until 2016. Students in my school are encouraged to register to vote and should be made aware of who the candidates are and what they stand for. Civics and social studies teachers can utilize the links below for lessons in class.

2012 Election Scrapbook-

2012 Political Map Center- interactive map from PBS New Hour

2012 Presidential Election- list of resources about the election

2012 Voting Lessons-  115 page document covers grades K-12

All About Electing a President of the United States-for younger kids; well explained

Candidate Match Game 2- interactive

Eight Steps to the White House- from CNN; uses comic book graphics

Election 2012: Teaching Ideas and Resources- from the NY Times

Election 2012- from Scholastic; excellent from younger students

Election of the President- from Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

Elections and Voting Lesson Plans- from TeAchnology

Getting to Know the Candidates: Analyzing Their Campaign Ads

I Side With- take a short quiz and see which candidate sides with you

Livebinder on the Presidential Elections

National Student Mock Election- great for ESL students

Play the Election- from Rand McNally

Virtual Presidential Debate- created by teacher Paul Solarz

Vote 2012: An Election Scrapbook- provided by the NY Publishers Association; covers the election; great for each student to use as a guide.

Barack Obama- official site

Barack Obama Biography- from BIO

Barack Obama on the Issues- extensive list

Barack Obama's Life in Pictures- from ABC

Barack Obama's Road to the White House

Milestones: Barack Obama- interactive timeline of Barack Obama's life and career; New York Times

Obama Land- Associated Press' look at Obama's life

Obama's Twitter Account

President Barack Obama- White House profile


Latest Mitt Romney News - from ABC News

Mitt Romney: Biography

Mitt Romney on the Issues

Mitt Romney: Huff Post Articles

Mitt Romney's Life- from the Wall Street Journal

Mitt Romney's Official Site

Mitt Romney's Twitter Account

Romney's Republican National Convention Speech

What Romney Should Have Said to Schoolchildren about his "prank" and bullying- Washington Post

YouTube Channel for Mitt Romney


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