Friday, September 21, 2012

Places to Personalize Your Shortened URLs

I'm sure many of you have used URL shorteners when posting on Twitter. But what if you want to place a web address on a banner, poster or sign which is easy to remember? In my school, I advertise our School Rewards account with a banner I got from VistaPrint. I wanted to make sure people could remember the shortened URL, so I personalized it through doiop. What started with a long address ( ) became . What a difference. The sites below will allow you to personalize your long URLs:

Click on "custom link" on Cligs to create your personalized URL ending.

 I've used doiop before and it's very easy to personalize allows you to enter the address to compress, then choose "further options/shorten URL"

Make a long URL notlong.

Snip sites easily with SNIPURL; also make site private be entering a code at the end of the address. lets you manage your URL with stats; very easy to personalize.

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