Friday, April 13, 2012

The EBSCO Poster

I recently posted information students should know about EBSCO, and I received several requests to see what my finished poster looked like. You can view it here if you'd like to get some ideas.

Book Cover Designer Chip Kidd Talks About His Work

Do your students judge a book by its cover? Do you? Book designer Chip Kidd's TED presentation is very funny and if you are a page-sniffer (that new book smell..) you'll really enjoy this talk. If you would like to see a sampling of Chip's artwork, TIME did a spread on The Book Jacket Art of Chip Kidd here.

“Much is to be gained by eBooks: ease, convenience, portability. But something is definitely lost: tradition, a sensual experience, the comfort of thingy-ness — a little bit of humanity"  -Chip Kidd

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Repairing Damaged Books: 15 Resources to Help You Do-it-Yourself (Plus One Free Workshop)

 I don't know about you; when I earned my certification as a media specialist, I had never been required to take a course in book repair. My colleague Nancy just received an MLS from Rutgers University (well known for their library sciences program) and she also never learned how to deal with damaged books. How is this possible? Can't figure that one out. But, if you can't attend a training workshop locally, you can always benefit from those who have posted videos and information online. (When I first started my job, the Internet was just a little baby....)

There are certain supplies you should always have in your library. Once you read the list, you'll understand why school library offices should have sinks and counter space. Here is a listing of supplies provided by Amigo Book Repair Workshops. I will be adding this post to the Teacher-Librarians page on this blog.

FREE WORKSHOP ALERT: Kapco (makers of book protection supplies) will come to your library and present a free in-service workshop on book repair, using their supplies. Here is the info sheet and website for more information.  Now for the other resources to do-it-yourself:

Beginners Guide to Book Binding- 14 videos from eHow

Book Repair Supplies Categories- from Gaylord

Bookcraft Book Repair Guide- 35-page pdf file written by Gaylord; excellent guide with pictures to guide you

Damage Control: Advice From a Professional Book Repairer- by Aaron Hierholzer

Damaged Books and How Libraries Fix Them

How to Repair a Book's Binding
- step-by-step instructions with photos

How to Repair Your Old Damaged Books- no pictures, but in-depth instructions

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My 200th Post! Study Skills for Your Students: 57 Sites and Apps

All students need help with their study skills. Are your students aware of how to properly take notes? Some think that writing down every word will help them. Others can take notes but don't seem to be able to manage their time.I've put together a listing which will work for our 21st Century digital learners, as it includes smartphone apps. There are thousands of apps out there and it is impossible to cover all of them, so if you have a suggestion, please add to the comments below.

UPDATED 2/9/18

Easy Notecards- "Easy Notecards is a place for students and teachers to create, study, print and share interactive notecards (flashcards) for their textbooks."

Education Atlas-study skills guides for students, including general guides, test-taking guides and study skills by subject area

Effective Study Skills- written by Dr. Bob Kizlik

Effective Ways to Study Better- from

Five Lessons for Note Taking Fun-  from Education World; each is marked for the appropriate grade
Good Study Habits- from Lesson Tutor

How to Improve Study Skills in Middle School- there are 7 tips on this site, as well as some helpful videos. The only annoying part is the ads which are visible (you can click "x" to close them) while you are trying to watch the videos.

How to excellent site has loads of information, including SAT study tips, good listening in class, test anxiety and taking notes in class.

How to Study Effectively- covers study skills, reading, test taking; site states "suitable for all ages"

The Learning Toolbox
- modules for students, teachers and parents; from James Madison University

Mastering Your Time- explains how to manage your time

Mondofacto- geared towards secondary to college aged students, there is help with research, writing, testing

MyNoteit- online note taking tool for students; take, edit, share notes

Notetaking Paper- generates a pdf which you can print

Note-taking Video- from Dartmouth University; runs 8.24 minutes.

Steps to Effective Textbook Reading

Study Guides and Strategies- very comprehensive listing includes Learning and Studying, Project and Time Management, Writing and Vocabulary, Thinking and Evaluation, Reading and Research and Math and Science.

Study Navigator- special search for research, including encyclopedias, thesauri, dictionaries and more

Study Skills for Students- from Education Corner; guides include Study Skills, Test-Taking and Resources By Subject.

Study Skills Guide- tips, strategies

Study Skills Help and Study Tips- this is a downloadable file

Study Tips- for secondary students; includes writing help, test-taking tips, learning information

Summarizing- information includes printable worksheets in English and Spanish

Teaching Elementary Students How to Study- from the National Committee for Research and Technology in Educational Communities

TeAchnology Resources- study skills activities, success packs and how to improve study skills

Evernote- remember everything, from to-do list to websites; create documents

Remember the Milk- task manager

Spanish Droid Flashcards Free- "Spanish Droid FlashCards has a translation dictionary, in addition to an array of flash cards with commonly used phrases, verbs, adjectives, nouns, days, weeks, colors, months, and seasons."

StudyBlue Flash Cards- for Android

StudyDroid Free- "create flashcards on your Android device or online at StudyDroid's website, and then sync them."

Vocab Builder Lite- (also $$ version) Android app helps you build vocabulary 

Evernote- remember everything, from to-do list to websites; create documents

Flash Cards- basic math problems

General English Assessment Quiz- 5,000+ multiple choice questions for GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT.

Learn Spanish- ($) 256 audio lessons; also available for English, French, Italian

MathSP SAT and PSAT Math Prep

Moo Math Lite- for very young kids

NElements Free- periodic table of elements

Practice English Grammar

Solar System Q Fact Book

Student Buddy- ($) organize assignments etc.

Student Notes- for high school students; covers algebra, geometry, trigonometry, grammar, physics, biology, chemistry, etc.

Biology Exambuster: Nerves iPhone App- free download gives you a dictionary at your fingertips.

EleMints: Periodic Table-  ($)

- remember everything, from to-do list to websites; create documents

Flashcards Deluxe- this iPhone application costs $3.99 and lets you organize your flash cards into stacks. Studying was never this much fun!

Geometry Facts Flash Cards ($)

Gengo Audiocards: French

iSpeak Spanish

- a free iPhone application which offers a thesaurus with 140,000 words.

Math Quiz for all Ages- ($) from kindergarten to college

Remember the Milk- task manager  


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