Thursday, April 12, 2012

Repairing Damaged Books: 15 Resources to Help You Do-it-Yourself (Plus One Free Workshop)

 I don't know about you; when I earned my certification as a media specialist, I had never been required to take a course in book repair. My colleague Nancy just received an MLS from Rutgers University (well known for their library sciences program) and she also never learned how to deal with damaged books. How is this possible? Can't figure that one out. But, if you can't attend a training workshop locally, you can always benefit from those who have posted videos and information online. (When I first started my job, the Internet was just a little baby....)

There are certain supplies you should always have in your library. Once you read the list, you'll understand why school library offices should have sinks and counter space. Here is a listing of supplies provided by Amigo Book Repair Workshops. I will be adding this post to the Teacher-Librarians page on this blog.

FREE WORKSHOP ALERT: Kapco (makers of book protection supplies) will come to your library and present a free in-service workshop on book repair, using their supplies. Here is the info sheet and website for more information.  Now for the other resources to do-it-yourself:

Beginners Guide to Book Binding- 14 videos from eHow

Book Repair Supplies Categories- from Gaylord

Bookcraft Book Repair Guide- 35-page pdf file written by Gaylord; excellent guide with pictures to guide you

Damage Control: Advice From a Professional Book Repairer- by Aaron Hierholzer

Damaged Books and How Libraries Fix Them

How to Repair a Book's Binding
- step-by-step instructions with photos

How to Repair Your Old Damaged Books- no pictures, but in-depth instructions

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