Wednesday, December 12, 2012

54 Resources for Civics Teachers


The Bill of Rights

Celebrate Bill of Rights Day- list of resources

Congress for Kids: The Constitution

The Constitution- from Ben's Guide to Government

Constitution Clips- from C-Span Classroom; register on the site for free

The Constitution for Grades 4-7

The Constitution for Grades 8-12

Constitution Day Lessons  and Resources- Education World

The Constitution of the United States

Mr. Donn's Government Resources

The Signers of the Constitution- from the National Archives

Interactive Games
The Bill of Rights Game- interactive

Constitution Duel- interactive game; knowledge duel

The Constitutional Convention of 1787- interactive game

Constitution Relay Game

The First Amendment Game- interactive

Interactive Constitution

Life Without the Bill of Rights-interactive game
Lesson Plans
The Constitution: Drafting a More Perfect Union- from the Library of Congress; grades 9-12

Constitution Lesson Plans- by grade level (all covered)

Constitution Day Lesson Plan- from iCivics

It's My Right- grades 6-8

No Time for Tea- grades 3-5

Private v. Public Rights- grades 9-12

Teaching Six Big Ideas in the Constitution- from the National Archives
We the People- lesson plan from Discovery Education

Ben's Guide to Government for Kids- by grade level; resources for teachers

Congress for Kids

The Executive Branch 

Government Resources- from the Library of Congress' Thomas

How Does Government Affect Me?- from PBS' The Democracy Project

Legislative Branch

NeoK12- different grade level videos

United States House of Representitives

United States Senate

The White House Official Site

Interactive Games
Activate- campaign for an issue

Branches of Government

Cast Your Vote- choose questions for your candidates to debate

Immigration Nation- guide newcomers to citizenship

Supreme Court History Interactives- nine interactives for high school students

U.S. Government Games and Activities- for younger kids

We The Jury- iCivics has provided many interactive games

Lesson Plans
Civics and Government Lesson Plans- from the Library of Congress

Foundations of Government- from iCivics

Government Lesson Plans- from

How Our Laws are Made- terrific infographic

TeacherVision's Lesson Plans on Government

TeAchnology's Government Lesson Plans

Three Branches of Government: Interactive Teaching Unit- grades 5-8

Civics Clip Art
Google Image Search- large images for printing

Scholastic- 22 images


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