Saturday, September 29, 2012

Resources for Family & Consumer Sciences (Home Economics)

When I was in 8th grade, they called it home economics. My cooking teacher had us make apple turnovers by using the Pillsbury cylinders, which was nothing more than open, lay out the dough, squeeze the apple filling in the middle, close the turnover, bake and put the icing on. Today, known as family and consumer sciences, the students actually learn how to bake from scratch. (What a concept!) Anyway, if you teach in this area, I've collected a list of resources for you below. A good starting point is Family Consumer Sciences.

38 Free Cooking Worksheets

Cooking Calculator- also find kitchen conversions

Cooking Terms-  lesson plan complete with downloadable worksheets

Food Resources for Teachers- nice listing by grade level from TeacherVision

Food History Lesson Plans-includes diversity lessons, food science and technology

Free Printables- nutrition, food, health

Mypyramid: Simple Steps for Healthy Living- lesson plan from Discovery Education

Nutrition Lesson Plans- from TeAchnology

Fashion Design Lesson Plans and Activities- teacher reviewed and listed by grade level

Fashion Design and Merchandising Lessons

Fashion Lesson Plans- from the Lesson Corner; nice listing covers grades 6-12

The History of Fashion- many attachments, including PowerPoint presentations, MS Word docs

Lesson Plans: Costume Design- Project Runway costume, garbage bag costume

SEWING's Listing for Sewing Techniques- many resources

Beginning Sewing- from

Sewing Lesson Plans- from Lesson Planet

Sewing Lessons-Level 1 free sewing projects, learn to sew articles, templates, blog posts

Sewing Tips

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