Tuesday, July 3, 2012

46 Sites and Lessons About The Civil War

As I continue to reorganize the blog resources, here is another installment for the new "HISTORY" tab. I will publish the tab after adding a few more posts and then add the new ones over the course of the rest of the year. Any posts from a while back (i.e. The Holocaust) will automatically be located in that section.

American 3D Civil War
- use the Google Earth plug to view

The American Civil War- from EDSITEment

American Civil War Collections- includes letters, texts, newspapers, student projects

American Civil War Flashcards-27 cards (Flashcard Machine)

The American Civil War Lesson Plans- from Teacher's Guide

The American Civil War Online Simulation 

The American Civil War Resources- from EyeWitness to History; some sites listed are interactive

Animated Gettysburg Address:

The Center for Civil War Photography- retouched photos, 3D exhibit

The Civil War- PBS film by Ken Burns

The Civil War Across Disciplines
- from the Library of Congress; how to use primary sources when teaching about the Civil War

Civil War Animated 

Civil War Battlefield Medicine- primary sources, Civil War doctors, common medical terms

The Civil War Collection
- over 30 million documents

Civil War Flashcards- 35 cards (Quizlet)

The Civil War Home Page
- includes official records, photos, battle maps

Civil War Interactive Poster- from Teaching History.org

The Civil War For Kids

Civil War Letters Collection- from libraries at the University of Washington

Civil War Potpourri- list of links

The Civil War and Reconstruction Era- free Yale course taught by Professor David W. Blight; view the course here

Civil War Sheet Music Collection- Library of Congress

Documenting the American South- thousands of links on this site

The Fight for Civil Rights: Black Soldiers in the Civil War

Flashcards About the Civil War- (StudyStack)

The Gettysburg Address- from the Library of Congress

Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library- around 20,000 items, including correspondence and papers; Library of Congress

NeoK12 Civil War Videos and Quizzes 

Outline of the Civil War- from Great American History

Pennsylvania Civil War 150- interactive map, interactive timeline, interactive soldier, artifacts showcase

Portraits of Named Civil War Enlisted Men- from the Prints and Photographs Reading Room (Library of Congress)

Teaching the Civil War With Technology- this wonderful blog is all about the Civil War, including curriculum resources (webquests, lesson plans) NOTE: not all links are up-to-date.

Timeline of the Civil War- from the Library of Congress

14 Lessons on the Civil War- includes interactive and printed quizzes

Civil War Lesson Plans- from social studies teacher

Civil War Lesson Plans- for all grades K-12; other resources and activities listed

The Civil War: A Nation Divided- for grades 6-8 from Discovery Education

Civil War Photographs: The Matthew Brady Bunch Collection- from grades 6-12 from the Library of Congress

Civil War: A Terrible Swift Sword- for grades 9-12 from EDSITment

Library of Congress Civil War Themed Lesson Plans

Map the Civil War Lesson Plan- grades 4-7

TeacherVision Resources for the Civil War- includes lesson plans, slideshows, printables, quizzes, reference

Teaching with Historic Places- nice listing of lesson plans from the National Park Service

Voices of Bull Run- for grades 5-8

Women in the Civil War: Ladies, Contraband and Spies- for grades 6-12 from the Library of Congress

Women's Role in the War Effort

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