Friday, June 8, 2012

33 Job Ideas for Tweens and Teens

The current job shortage has affected adults and young people alike. So many of my students wish to work but or either too young for working papers or the insurance company for a business requires a minimum age of 18.  What's a kid to do?

1. Advertise on Fiverr, where someone could pay $5.00 and up for a service of yours

2. Assist a senior citizen with their chores at home or away from home

3. Babysitting

4. Be a clown or other entertainment at a kid's birthday party

5. Bicycle repair 

6. Counselor-in-training at a day camp or sleep away camp

7. Create anime or cartoon books to sell

8. Dog walker

9. Fix computer problems

10. Have a bake sale

11. House cleaning

12. Messenger service

13. Mowing lawns

14. Newspaper delivery

15. Paint faces at a craft market or street fair

16. Photo restoration for friends and family

17. Photograph a kid's birthday party

18. Planting flowers

19. Put flyers on cars

20. Run errands for people

21. Shoveling snow

22. Sell bottled water at a little league game, race or marathon

23. Sell hand-made stuff on Etsy

24. Sell lemonade or iced tea

25. Take care of someone's dog or cat

26. Take an online survey and get paid cash-Cashcrate

27. Teach a musical instrument

28. Translate documents etc. (you have to be fluent in that language)

29. Tutor young kids

30. Wash cars

31. Wash windows

32. Work for a church or other group as a pianist

33. Write an article for  Ezine Articles  

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