Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Geology for Kids: 44 Places to Find Information

Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery- the first Internet rock shop

Ask a Geologist

Fossils-Facts-and-Finds- everything fossils

Fossils, Rocks and Time- U.S. government site

Geologic Time 

Geological Society of America 

Geology for Kids- geared towards middle school

Geology Glossary- from Cengage Learning

Geology Rocks- tutorials and photographs

Geology, Rocks and Minerals- from Enchanted Learning (for younger kids)

Geology Science Fair Project Ideas

Government Sites for Geology

KidsGeo- for younger kids

The Image- picture galleries of rocks

Mineral Identification Key

Mineral Information Institute- interactive site with a teacher and homework helper section

Sinkholes- Florida's landscape

U.S. Map Collections for All 50 States- Relief, Elevation, Drainage, Political and Road Maps

What is Geology? What Does a Geologist Do?

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