Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5 Things I Don't Like About My iPad

Don't get the wrong idea from the title of this post. I love my iPad2. But there are 5 things which have really bothered me since my purchase. Considering how expensive the iPad is, I was quite disappointed that it lacked certain features.

I have edited my original posting because of an error on my part. Apologies. Too much on my mind.

1. Speaker is too small and not enough volume at times.
The speaker should be able to handle the volume, and not sound too treble-like.

2. No Flash.
I remember reading the Steve Jobs hated Adobe Flash and therefore the iPad was never preloaded with the program. However, there are too many sites on the web which use Flash and anytime I want to view a video (or a site which depends on Flash) I am unable to see it.

3. No multitasking. 
Amazing, but true, only one thing can happen at a time. One app at a time. Enough said?

4. No way to browse files.
I really would like a file browser, wouldn't you?

5. Safari needs improvement.
Going between open tabs on an iPad is not the same as browsing on a computer. I was watching a video and decided to open another web page while listening to the video. This does not work on the iPad. The second I went to the next tab, the audio ceased, and when I went back to that very tab, the video played from the beginning.

Is there anything YOU don't like about the iPad? Leave a comment below.


  1. Hi Julie!
    I love my iPad but I agree with some of your points above - I keep finding work arounds though - maybe you already know...!
    Since I live outside the US I have not been able to download the 'Onlive Desktop' app - which is meant to allow flash on the iPad HOWEVER iSwifter works quite well - not amazing but ok...!
    Totally agree with Safari issues - I have got iCab mobile and I like it MUCH better...
    As for multitasking, I like the double-click on the home button feature to quickly change between apps...
    Also it does have a headphone jack - my students use headphones all the time...!!

  2. Your first point really concerned me, as I'm part of a team that has recently recommended that our school go to a 1-to-1 iPad model. No headphones would be disastrous! But when I look at the iPad2 spec sheet at apple, there seems to be a headphone jack right there on the top right of the machine. I'm confused.

  3. Thank you for correcting me. My mistake on number one....there IS a headphone jack and apparently I missed that when checking out my iPad with its case cover on. Apologies to everyone. I make mistakes too.

  4. I love my iPad2 too, and agree with your assessment of it's shortcomings. I don't really find the multitasking to be a problem, as Pottsology pointed out, double clicking between programmes gets around that. However, the one thing I've been very disappointed in in the camera quality - useful for scanning tasks, but hopeless for clear photos!



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