Thursday, March 29, 2012

Teach Sociology? Check Out These 20 Sites

American Sociological Association- resources for teachers and students

Free PowerPoint Presentations

High School Sociology Activities
- from eHow

Internet Resources for Teachers of Sociology- from the Library of Congress; very nice listing!

Lesson Plans About Sociology- from PBS' documentary series POV

Sociology Central- includes free downloads of teacher notes

Sociology: General Resources- from Bubl Link, the catalogue of Internet Resources

Sociology Lesson Plans- from the Educator's Reference Desk

Sociology Lesson Plans- from

Sociology Lesson Plans and Activities- from the Lesson Planet

Sociology Projects for High School

Sociology Syllabus-  from teacher Nick Scharrer

Sociology Syllabus- from the Pittsburgh Public Schools (for grade 12)

Sociology Websites- from Spartacus Educational; nice long list

SocioWeb- independent guide to sociological resources on the Internet; essays, topics, theories, online journals and more

Teaching High School Sociology- blog written by  Chuck Schallhorn

Teaching Sociology- journal which is published quarterly for teachers

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