Friday, March 16, 2012

Pre-Construction...Construction...Finished Project By Tomorrow?

Yesterday was a blur. Sometime in the mid-morning, the custodians came in with our principal and I was informed that the workers would be arriving shortly to begin construction in the library. I immediately needed to clear three bookshelves (both sides) so that the wall would be able to pass through that area. Luckily, our principal provided many student helpers to move large quantities of books. Of course I was more concerned with keeping the books in numerical order, something that only I and my library council members understood. By the end of the day, I had lost my glasses, filled many tabletops with books, and prayed that teachers would claim some of the hundreds of books I didn't want to throw out.According to one of the workers, the project should be done tomorrow, three days of work. No new bookcases. New walls, though. I'm keeping a positive attitude, because I've been told that with classes no longer in the library (we had a couple of periods which were class-free) I can look forward to making the library-media center the center of the school again. I'll let you know on Monday how everything looks. Are you in a similar position? Please leave your comments? Thank you to those who posted yesterday!

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